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ActiveCampaign Vs GetResponse

Every business needs customers to be successful. Attracting an audience, engaging them, introducing them to new offers is important if you want them to be loyal to you.

One of the most popular methods used to attract customers to your site is email marketing. This trend has become popular and is on the rise as it makes your work simple and helps you reach the most number of people in the least possible time.

More and more businesses are conducting new campaigns using varied online platforms to attract their audience and generate sales.

In this context, let’s understand these two email platforms – ActiveCampaign and GetResponse by their features and usefulness to make your business grow and reach the next level.

Email Template Features – ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse

GetResponse provides you with varied templates to suit different occasions. You can choose the predesigned templates provided by them or create your own according to your interest.

Editing the preexisting templates and modifying them is super simple and also makes your work easy. Once a template is created you can save it and check it by sending it to yourself. If you need to improvise it further, this can be done without facing any difficulties.

ActiveCampaign comes to you with 125+ email templates which are beautifully designed to create a lasting impact on its users. These predesigned templates can be used to send different forms of email, as in invite for conference / webinar, newsletter, etc.

They provide features such as advanced tagging, tracking, segmentation, etc at a very affordable price. The built in Zapier integration makes working with CRM systems like survey tools, e-commerce, etc very easy. You also have the option of saving earlier emails sent via ActiveCampaign as your template for future use.

Autoresponders – ActiveCampaign Vs GetResponse

Autoresponders play a huge role in attracting your customers. Both ActiveCampaign and GetResponse have amazing Autoresponder settings. When it comes to ActiveCampaign, you are able to go a step ahead from just sending automated emails. You get to engage your customers with the new offers and blogs on your site.

Through the segmentation feature you get to send the exact details your customers are looking for. When you target the right information to the right audience, it automatically improves your customer satisfaction rate and leads to gaining more subscribers.

There is also a feature available that lets you get a map view of all the automations you have been using so as to give you a clear picture of the whole process. With the bird’s eye view you can be confident in taking the next step and not worry about anything going out of control.

GetResponse gives a great experience with the autoresponders as compared to ActiveCampaign. These tools are attractive and beautiful in design that catches the attention of your customers.

There isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to your automated emails; all of them get delivered quickly and precisely as soon as the specified action is triggered.

You also get a mobile preview to double-check if your draft looks pleasing on a small size screen. The automated customer journey feature lets you send an unlimited number of emails, manage your email-marketing and also manage your marketing automations.

It helps you keep your customers up-to-date by notifying them about the new changes on your site. It is like the all-in- one marketing platform for your business.

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Pricing – ActiveCampaign Vs GetResponse

In ActiveCampaign you get 4 different plans, starting from the lowest to the highest. The first plan is the Lite plan that starts at $9 per month. It grants you with sending unlimited emails, managing campaigns, segmentations, etc, that too just for $9.

Later comes the Plus plan that begins at $49 per month. Here, you get all the features you had in the Lite plan plus many more features such as landing pages, getting facebook custom customers, automation mapping, etc.

The Professional plan is the widely used plan among all the other plans. It begins at $129 per month. You get all the features available and it is quite useful for big businesses.

Finally, the Enterprise plan starts at $229 per month. This plan is mostly used by big sectors as you get to custom domain, custom reporting, etc.

Also you get a 14-day trial so as to get accustomed with the setting and features available.

On the other hand, GetResponse’s starting Basic plan begins at $15 per month. You get access to the landing pages in the first plan itself, which isn’t available in ActiveCampaign. You can use autoresponders, lead funnels and even unlimited templates for automation. It’s like getting the best of features for just $15.

The next plan, i.e. the plus plan is used by majority of its subscribers. It begins at $49 and it lets you have up to 5 webinars, funnels, use automation builders, etc. The professional plan starts at $99 and you get all the features in plus plan and also most of the unlimited features.

It is really affordable and convenient for those who keep budget in mind. And the last plan is the Max plan. It is best suitable for all the working sectors that want accurate safety and creativity at a reasonable cost. The prices for this plan can be customized.

The best part of GetResponse is it offers you a free 30 day trial.

Which is better? For Whom? ActiveCampaign Vs GetResponse

The ActiveCampaign as well as GetResponse have amazing features to offer. The only drawback ActiveCampaign possesses is that it is more on the costlier side and even the free trial available is for fewer days as compared to GetResponse.

Both of the platforms have a lot to offer and are reliable as well. If you are someone in search of an email-marketing platform that could suit your budget and provide you with the best of features, then GetResponse is perfect for you. Whereas if you’re looking for a platform for an already existing and settled business without any issues with the price factor. You could opt for ActiveCampaign.

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