ActiveCampaign vs Intercom

Intercom and ActiveCampaign are two similar, yet different platforms, and they help connect with your customers better. However, choosing between the two can get a little challenging. If you’re facing the same issue, I hope the article helps sort that problem.

Intercom is a trusted brand used by several businesses worldwide and is known as the complete customer communication platform. ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, focuses mainly on email marketing and marketing automations.

Both the platforms are perfect in their way, and therefore it is essential to know your demands. Based on your requirement list, you will easily find the appropriate forum for your business

Management – Activecampaign vs Intercom

Intercom offers excellent management tools that exceed beyond customer satisfaction. These tools ensure that proper management is maintained even in your team. The Collaboration Inbox features help the teammates respond to the customers faster.

There are various automations available that lessen the workload on you and your teammates. Intercom also offers a visual campaign builder that helps send personal messages and keeps the conversations flowing.

With Intercom, you can level up your business by eliminating all that isn’t important. It helps in developing flexibility and keeping what is essential for the company. Whether you use their reports system or your customized one, you get a precise analysis of where your business is heading and what steps you need to take.

If your sales conversations and marketing systems do not work hand-in-hand, providing a genuinely precious customer experience isn’t easy. With ActiveCampaign, you can connect both and boost your sales quickly.

You get to know your highest leads and better actions towards them. It also offers an automations feature that gathers information from every sale made by a customer to set perfectly-timed messages and stay connected.

Integrations – ActiveCampaign vs Intercom

Integrations are a vital part of both platforms. ActiveCampaign connects with over 850 apps and tools to help your business grow. Some of the most common apps are Shopify, Facebook, Woocommerce, etc.

It even integrates with accountings apps like AccountingSuite, FreeAgent, Chargify, and many more.

On the other hand, Intercom does have as many app integrations as ActiveCampaign, yet it supports many. It increases team efficiency and leads to customer satisfaction, and Intercom’s integration also helps close deals faster.

Due to apps that reinforce the lead data, your CRM remains in sync, thus helping you get more deals at a quick rate. Intercom even has an APIs system that connects Intercom with your products and other tools in seconds.

Integrations save the time and effort of the customers and the workers. Therefore, ensure that you choose a platform with good integrations.

Customer Support – ActiveCampaign vs Intercom

No customer forgets the excellent service and support offered by any company. Most companies have become famous today because of how they treat their customers. ActiveCampaign knows what your customer requires and helps you sort their queries.

It makes your customer service more personal than any other platform. Before you reach out to the customer, ActiveCampaign provides you with a back of their journey so far. It helps in knowing what doubts the customer has had before and how you could help them currently.

You could also reward your customers with a small token of appreciation for being a regular customer or for introducing your business to other people, and so on. Also, it is essential to keep track of your customer’s journey, and you get an idea of what they like or dislike, and based on that data, you could get more sales.

The Intercom goes a step beyond ActiveCampaign when it comes to Customer Support. It doesn’t only stick to emails and calls, but it also offers a messaging feature. Customers feel valued when they can message you directly and get answers to all their doubts.

The feature leads to personalized support, fast answers, live messaging, etc. Intercom offers tools that respond to most of the questions asked by the customers. With the help of this tool, you do not have to make the customer wait to talk to an actual teammate; it saves both your and their time.

Pricing – ActiveCampaign vs Intercom

The pricing system Intercom offers are slightly different from ActiveCampaign. There are separate plans available for small businesses and medium to large companies.

They even provide a demo period to experience what they have in store.

The starter plan begins at $67 per month. You get access to chat and email support, reporting dashboards, shared inboxes, and much more. Customizing plans is also possible by adding features like WhatsApp for $9 a month only.

Apart from these, they have other plans like Conversational Support, Conversation Customer Engagement, and Conversational Marketing. They don’t have a fixed price as the cost is calculated based on seats given and the number of people reached. Such calculation saves your money from getting wasted. ActiveCamapign

ActiveCampaign has four plans for all types of businesses. These plans have prices based on the number of users your company has. The first plan is called the Lite plan, which begins at $9 per month.

Then you have the most used plans, the Plus plan and the Professional Plan starting at $49 and $149, respectively. Lastly, ActiveCampaign offers the Enterprise plan starting at $258 per month.

All the prices mentioned above were only for 500 users, and the amount will increase with the increase in the number of users. You can also check our article on Activecampaign Vs Sharpspring.

Which is Better? ActiveCamapign Vs Intercom

We have successfully arrived at the central question of the entire review. As you can see, both the platforms are excellent in their features. If you have a small business and are slowly growing, I’d suggest you opt for ActiveCamapign.

They have affordable prices and are efficient in their services. Intercom, on the other hand, is designed for more prominent businesses. If money isn’t a worry for you, you should undoubtedly choose Intercom, and it caters to all the requirements of big and small businesses.

However, no matter what choice you make, ensure that it meets your standards and fulfills all your requirements. All the best!

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