ActiveCampaign vs Sendinblue

The email marketing platform is one of the popular marketing tools used by businessmen to establish contacts with people and generate sales. Their market is vast and has many marketing platforms to offer in this context.

Choosing one suitable for you and your business is quite a daunting task. To simplify this, I will list below two of the most popular email marketing platforms, along with their features and benefits. A detailed comparative study will help you make a quick decision.

It will enable you to build a rapport and a long-term relationship with your clients. 

Email Marketing: Sendinblue vs. ActiveCampaign

These go beyond being simple email marketing tools as they help build active communication skills with your customers. By using personalization features, you can ensure that your emails are tempting and the offers you give are the best.

Using dynamic content and time optimization, you can always experiment to check what suits your client the best. The entire communication process can be streamlined and segmented such that they are tailormade to suit the needs of every customer.

It makes the customer feel valued. The best part while choosing Sendinblue is that their email marketing features are simple to use, and they come with a library of email templates, making your work easy.

You need to pick one of the templates and use the drag and drop feature to arrange various elements according to your need. Anyone even with the most basic knowledge can work on it, and you don’t need to be an expert to work on this. 

The client’s information with you regarding their name, gender, birth dates, anniversary dates helps add a personal touch. Furthermore, their list segmentation ensures that customers receive emails by their line of interest.

While working with ActiveCampaign, you can choose professional-looking email newsletters and campaigns. You can take a pick between sending emails to the entire list by using the broadcast feature or targeted audience.

The triggered email is an excellent feature by ActiveCampaign, through which the customer is never out of sight. If your customer is looking for something or has purchased a product, a follow-up mail helps maintain contact with them.

Email responders put on autopilot mode will continue to do the work for you without you being there to watch out. 

You can act out your plans well in advance by using the scheduling feature. After that, the email gets delivered on the scheduled date and time without any hassles.

Marketing Automation: SendinblueVs Activecampaign

Automation is the need of the hour, and when used in connection with email marketing platforms, it saves lots of time. Welcoming customers, thanking them for their purchases and wishing them special days like birthdays and anniversaries are very important.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it once you switch on the autopilot mode because the work will continue without any intervention. Once you build a trust bond between your company and the customer, a customer will remain with you for a long time.

Features like personalized emails make it possible to connect with customers. Follow up 3 in terms of after-sales service or reminder for things left in the basket to show your care and concern.

ActiveCampaign easily integrates with any app, and it ensures your business carries on from anywhere at any time. 

Their feature ‘conversation’ makes it possible to chat with the customers in real-time using the live chat feature. All the details entered by the customer in live chat automatically get uploaded in the CRM.

CRM keeps track of all the conversations with your customers to date, and it makes it possible to backtrack the events if any need arises in the future. Site messaging is another valuable feature that helps increase conversion rate due to your constant follow-up.

Prices: Sendinblue  Vs. ActiveCampaign

Price is a deciding factor in decision-making and settling down for one among the two. 

ActiveCampaign has a range of plans starting from $111 to $399 per month. Their Professional Plan includes all their features and starts at $279/ per month. Sendinblue, with all its remarkable features, has a Premium Plan at $129/ per month. These plans are best suited for businesses with contacts not exceeding 10000.

Sendinblue has varied plans starting from a free plan to a premium plan of $66 per month. Their free plan is a perfect choice for small businesses. It comes with limited features like unlimited contacts, personalization of email, sending email up to 300 contacts daily, to name a few. Sendinblue seems to have an advantage in this respect, as ActiveCampaign doesn’t offer any free plan.

ActiveCampaign does offer a free trial run for 14 days. So, if you are still unable to make up your mind, you can check that out before the final decision. Both of them offer flexible payment options. You have the choice of paying in one go, that’s yearly and get a discount for the same, or pay monthly.

Comparative Analysis: Sendinblue Vs. ActiveCampaign

Overall analysis shows that both are exceptional choices and will help you manage your business well. The critical difference lies in that Sendinblue offers value for money as they offer almost the same features as ActiveCampaign and at a lower rate. 

As such, those with financial constraints need not think twice before choosing Sendinblue. However, large-scale businesses looking out for a marketing platform with CRM should choose ActiveCampaign. You can also check our article on ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign.


Sendinblue and ActiveCampaign are great email platforms, and they have a lot in common yet have subtle differences. The final decision about what you should choose would ultimately depend upon your business size. 

Thus, on an ending note, I would like to conclude though both have their advantages and disadvantages, Sendinblue is an exceptional choice for small businesses with limited funds. Those with huge companies can go in for ActiveCampaign as they have good features to offer.

It is your decision at the end of the day. Just ensure that you choose wisely as the whole company’s future depends on it. So, good luck!

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