ActiveCampaign vs Sharpspring

Today, we shall focus on two of the most potent CRMs on the market – ActiveCampaign and SharpSpring. SharpSpring is also known as an All-in-one Revenue Growth Platform.

We know the role a CRM plays in any ecommerce store, and it acts as the backbone of any business. It is improbable for a company to last without an appropriate CRM platform. However, this decision isn’t an easy one.

It’s like investing your whole and soul into a platform. One wrong step could take you to the heights or put you into losses. I hope the comparison below helps you select the correct forum for your business, considering all other factors.

Overview – ActiveCampaign Vs. SharpSpring

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform and a CRM that helps you showcase your sales and products in a better way. It has tools that lead to an ultimate customer experience, and it offers various functions such as dynamic content, subscription forms, email segmentation, automation goals, and much more.

It can turn your web users into repeat customers. The Email marketing tools help send personalized emails to customers. Through such means, you get to come closer to your customers and know them in a better way.

It also gives you the flexibility to send various types of emails such as campaigns, newsletters, triggered emails, etc. You can schedule emails for specific dates and times in the future.

SharpSpring, on the other hand, is a sales and marketing software that supports small and growing businesses. It has all the tools needed to run a business smoothly. SharpSpring offers a landing page builder and blog builder, and it also seamlessly integrates with various apps.

Customer Service – ActiveCampaign Vs. SharpSpring

Customer service is much needed while using a platform that is unknown to you. Many-a-times, people start using particular software and get lost midway with no help around. To ensure that such situations do not occur with your company, you must choose a high-end security platform.

The SharpSpring’s support team isavailable from 8 am to 8 pm EDT/EST. You could make calls anytime between the given time slot, and your doubts will resolve. They also have a help center that looks into tickets and other requests.

ActiveCampaign offers better and more personalized customer service. Before you begin a chat with the customer, ActiveCampaign ensures that you have the customer’s details. Through such tools, the customer feels knowing and value towards them.

You have customer service that is always open for you. You also have other features like lead scoring, pipeline automations, etc. With ActiveCampaign, you can help people whenever and wherever you want.

Ensure to track the customer’s journey and even the slightest behavioral pattern. It helps in knowing the customer and deciding what your future schemesshould f.

Pricing Plans – ActiveCapaign Vs. SharpSpring

The pricing system in ActiveCampaign and SharpSpring varies drastically. ActiveCampaign has four plans that start from 500 users each, and these plans are affordable and efficient. The first plan is called the Lite plan, which begins at $9 per month.

It consists of essential features such as marketing automation, email marketing, drag-and-drop email builder, etc. The second plan is the Plus Plan starting at $49 per monthly.

You get access to Advanced Performance Reporting with this plan.

Next, you have the most used plan, i.e., the Professional plan starting at $149 per month. It is ideal for any growing business.

It is affordable and comprises all the essential features and tools.

Lastly, you have the Enterprise plan, starting at $258 per month. This plan consists of all the features ActiveCampaign offers, and most large-scale businesses use the Enterprise plan.

ActiveCampaign also comes with a free trial for 14 days.

As mentioned earlier, SharpSpring has a different pricing system. Firstly, the minimum number of users is 1000, and Secondly, it does not have low-cost plans. The first plan is called the Small Business and starts at $399 per month.

The good part here is that you get access to all the features provided by SharpSpring in all the plans. Next, you have the Enterprise plan and the Agency plan, and both these plans are pretty expensive and increase in rates as users increase.

SharpSpring, too offers a demo period of 15 days. You could try it and then choose whether or not to invest such a hefty amount in the same.

Which is Better? ActiveCamapign Vs SharpSpring

Coming to the central question of the entire comparison, which CRM tool is better? ActiveCampaign is the best in terms of Email Marketing and Marketing automations, and it is well trusted and is ideal for all types of businesses.

However, it is suggested to opt for ActiveCampaign if you have a small business. It is an excellent platform with affordable prices, and it is the perfect fit for Start-Ups and growing companies. On the other hand, if you won a well settles business, I’d suggest opting for SharpSpring.

It offers a load of excellent features and tools, all in one place. Although the prices are high, it is worth the hype. It handles your social media handles, automations, and much more. As mentioned earlier, both the platforms offer a free trial period; you could try any you like and then make your choice.

I like both, but the winner would be ActiveCampaign as it is more affordable and suits all businesses. You can also check our article on Activecampaign Vs Sendinblue.


Making such a choice can get challenging, but I hope this comparison helped you in some way or the other. Here are some of the benefits of using SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign


– It is very user-friendly

– Provides excellent customer support

-Manages social media accounts

-Easy to build landing pages, forms, email campaigns,etc.


– It is affordable

– All in one CRM and email marketing tool

– Easy to use

– It helps you know your customers better and build good relations

– It has great deliverability rates

– Suitable for beginners in the industry.

Here’ your overall list; ensure that you make the right choice for yourself and your company. Good luck in the future!

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