Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

Hello there! This Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign comparison will provide you with detailed input into each of the platforms. It will guide you through their advantages, disadvantages, prices, and much more.

Understandably, it can get difficult to choose between two of the best platforms on the market. However, I am pretty sure that you will have your answer right in front of you by the end of this article.

An Email Marketing Platform holds an essential place in any business field you are in. I hope that the decision you take is best for you and your company. Let’s get started.

Overview – Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

Autopilot was founded in 2012, which means it hasn’t yet completed a decade in the industry. However, it gained great fame and success due to its efficiency. Most people in the marketing space adore Autopilot.

It depends on omnichannel marketing, and it provides you with everything starting from email marketing to Facebook retargeting. It also gives you the option of personalizing customer journeys based on their interaction with your site.

ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, has been on the market for quite a long time. It was started in the year 2003 and since then has reached great success. Like any other business, ActiveCampaign started as a small venture and now has branches in almost all major parts of the world.

Today ActiveCampaign supports many businesses worldwide. It is known for its excellent service and support. Some of its main features include email marketing, CRM, integrations, etc. There is no missing out on anything when you work with ActiveCampaign. It gives your company only the best of all services.

Autopilot vs ActiveCampaign

Ease of Use – Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

The Autopilot dashboard is designed in a way that suits beginners as well as professionals in this field. It is quite simple to understand and navigate. At the start of this new experience, Autopilot also provides you with a tutorial.

With it, you get to know the use of each feature on the dashboard. It also consists of tiny little insights that help you know more about your campaigns, activities, etc. You are also able to keep track of all the messages, emails, etc., that you have sent.

Apart from all this, Autopilot also gives you the choice of scanning active journeys from the vantage point itself. Even the navigation system is straightforward to understand.

Similar to Autopilot, ActiveCampaign as well is easy to sign up and navigate. Its user interface is designed neatly with specific categories that help you easily find what you need. The side menu bar consists of most of the main functions of ActiveCampaign.

The best part of the ActiveCampaign dashboard is that it is customizable. For instance, a beginner might prefer the current design, whereas it might not be just the thing for a professional. In such cases, ActiveCampaign lets you edit and make changes on the dashboard depending upon your requirements.

Email Marketing – Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

If you are looking for quick and easy email campaigns or newsletters, then Autopilot isn’t the best choice, I suppose. Unlike the other email marketing platforms, Autopilot doesn’t have the feature of creating basic emails or newsletters right from the dashboard.

Instead, all Autopilot campaigns are built into its customer journey. It means that you can only create your emails as part of the customer’s pipeline journey. If you wish to build an email, you will have to cut out the workflow’s action.

You will then find the various emailing suggestions like ‘Send Email,’ ‘Add to List,’ etc. Autopilot has pre-existing templates that you could modify. You also have the option of importing your HTML code into the software.

However, if you aren’t well versed with HTML coding, I’d suggest you stick to editing the pre-built templates.

ActiveCampaign, on the other, is the exact opposite of Autopilot. It has a clear-cut and straightforward method of making emails. You also get to use tons of email campaigns. These campaigns include email campaigns, one-off emails, autoresponders, etc.

There is one feature about ActiveCampaign email marketing that makes it different from Autopilot. Here, you can create an email campaign without having to start a workflow. ActiveCampaign is also known for its huge variety of email templates.

They differ based on various categories such as occasions, business, etc. You can choose any depending upon your target audience and what they prefer.

Automations – Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

The Autopilot workflow editor has all the ideal tools required to automate campaigns in customer journeys. There is no need for you to have coding skills if you wish to build an automated campaign.

Automating campaigns with Autopilot is as easy as the drag and drop process in any email marketing platform. The workflow interface is designed in a manner to help you to engage in visual editing. Even the tracking of the automations system is quite easy.

You also have the freedom to play with images, stickers, text, etc., at different stages of your pipeline.

ActiveCampaign has one of the best automations features on the market. It has a flexible editor that is fit for creating creative and dynamic customer journeys. With the if/then conditions, you can make your automation workflow smoother and easier.

It also has an intelligent system that lets you use various conditions across campaign paths. There’s no denying that a beginner might find the whole process a little overwhelming, but it is quite simple once you get it right.

Pricing- Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign

Note that both Autopilot and ActiveCampaign offer a free 14-day trial which is beneficial for the people who still find making a decision difficult.

Autopilot has three plans to offer. The first is the Silver plan that begins at $49 per month. If you choose to pay yearly, it’ll cost you just $39.20 per month. It comprises unlimited emails, chats support, SMS marketing, Lead scoring, etc., for up to 2000 contacts.  

Next, you have the gold and platinum plan that begin at $149 and $249 per month, respectively. The prior one includes 5,000 contacts and the latter 10,000 contacts.

On the other hand, you have ActiveCampaign offering you four different plans. The Lite plan, which starts at $9 per month and includes up to 500 contacts, is the first option. This plan provides you with chat & email support, restricted to 3 users, email marketing, newsletters, etc.

The Plus and the Professional plan starts at $49 and $129, respectively. The first caters to around 1,000 contacts and the latter up to 2,500 contacts. Most growing companies use the Professional plan as it matches the majority of their requirements.

Lastly, you have the Enterprise plan starting at $229 per month. It is ideal for well-settled businesses and companies.

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Final Verdict

You might find ActiveCampaign much more affordable than Autopilot, but from my point of view, I find Autopilot much more reasonable. Although the starting rate of both platforms differs drastically, the features offered also have a vast gap.

Based on the comparison above, I hope you know what is best for your business. Good luck in making your decision!

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