AWeber email templates

AWeber Email Templates

While creating emails, choosing a suitable template is very important. The more attractive your email, the easier it is to grab the attention of the subscribers. AWeber has a wide variety of templates.

AWeber is a widely used email marketing platform. Its high quality and the vast range of email templates are among the best in the e-market.

If you have been using AWeber, you might be aware of the vast range of options available. For those who wish to know more about the email templates that AWeber offers, I hope this article helps you with it.

HTML Email Templates

AWeber provides over 700 HTML templates that are mobile responsive and compatible with well-known email services. You can select any of the templates you like and use them to create awesome emails.

They enhance the beauty of your message and ensure that it looks the same on all screen sizes. With hundreds of layouts and designs to choose from, you can make your email look nothing but the best.

The variety of colors and schemes available is just fabulous. You can use the ones that match your brand and logo the best to make your email more elegant and unique.

Editing the pre-designed templates, too, is pretty simple. You can click on the X button to get rid of some aspects or drag them to the place you want them to be.

With these templates, you also have the feature of uploading pictures to make your email look attractive. AWeber provides you over 600+ email templates based on different categories such as Business, Arts, Finance, and much more.

If you wish to add in your photos, that too is possible. By simply using the drag and drop feature, you can add the images you have on your desktop. There isn’t a limit to how many pictures one could upload, so it is totally up to you.

Custom Email Templates

If you want to enhance the experience that your customers share with your business, you could opt for Customized Email Templates. Everything that is on your mind can turn into reality with such customization.

It ensures that the emails fit your brand and the style you want and attract your customers. All you have to do is send a request to the AWeber team asking for a customized email template, and they will do the needful.

If you wish to have a tailor-made template, the AWeber team goes through all your needs and expectations and recommends a customized template. After certain round-ups, once you are satisfied with the idea, they provide you with the design you asked for.

Modifying an existing template is also an option here. If you liked one of the already existing AWeber templates but want a few changes to it, the team looks after that.

You also can brand the template. Many established businesses prefer having email templates that match their company website and logo. Everything gets considered by the designing team based on all your requirements and preferences, starting from color to font size.

If you already have a sample template you wish to use, that too gets handled quite effortlessly. Even a PDF file that you might want as a template design can be made possible.

The prices for customizing your template are pretty reasonable. They differ based on what you exactly have in mind. If you’re thinking of simple template modification, the price might be less than building a tail-made template design.

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How to use AWeber Email Templates?

Getting started with the email templates is pretty simple. With the use of specific basic steps, you will soon get the hack of it. Start by navigating to the ‘Drag and Drop Builder’ option in the Create a Message panel.

At the top right corner, select ‘templates’ located under the ‘Message Properties’ section. There you will loads of templates ranging from carious colors to designs, fonts, etc.

Ensure that you have unchecked the “Keep my message” box if you want to have a complete preview of the template. Once you have chosen the template you want to go with, drag it to the main area.

You can erase the dummy content that comes with the template and add your message. There is also a handle that allows you to move the element on the template, such as the footer, header, image, etc.

If you do not need some of the elements, you are free to delete them. Personalizing your email template is also possible here. Click on the personalize option, and you will be allowed to add your subscriber’s information to the email.

You can either save your draft by clicking on “save as template” or directly send the email to the subscriber.

How do I build a Template in a nutshell?

Start by coding the HTML newsletter on the desktop.

When you have finished that, log in to your AWeber account and click on your template. Add the drop zone variable tags in place of the content in the drop zone area in the template.

Like it was mentioned above, you can replace all the dummy content with your actual content. Then, in the Template Editor section on AWeber, paste the codes you created. You can also assemble the email appropriately in the drag and drop interface.

Lastly, save your newly build template for future use. Also,  if you face any issues modifying your templates or wish to have a different and unique custom-made template, the AWeber team is always at hand. You can also check our article on Woocommerce and AWeber.


As you saw above, this was all about Aweber email templates. I hope the basic knowledge of these templates helped you in some way possible. Now you can make appropriate use of all that AWeber templates have to offer.

Whether it is settling for an existing template and making a few changes to it or customizing a new one, you know precisely how to go about it without facing any issues.

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