Campaign Monitor vs. ActiveCampaign

Campaign Monitor vs. ActiveCampaign

These days the internet feels loaded with tons of email marketing platforms. When someone with a business starts to look into these options, it’s obvious to get a little overwhelmed. It isn’t so difficult when you are aware of what you want.

However, sometimes you might be clear on your requirements list, but the new list of choices might confuse you. If you are going through something similar, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be comparing two of the well-known email marketing brands on the market – Campaign Monitor and ActiveCampaign.

I’m sure you, too, might be having a tough time choosing between the two. This write–up will give you a brief idea about the advantages and major differences. Hope it helps you to choose wisely.

Get to know – Campaign Monitor and ActiveCampaign

Campaign Monitor is an old player in the technical field. It has been on the market since 2004. Currently, it caters to over 2 million subscribers worldwide. These include some of the huge businesses like Coca-Cola, Disney, and many more.

We all know it isn’t easy to last in the field if you aren’t good enough. As Campaign Monitor managed to stay for so long, it surely does have the potential. If you go through its interface, you will find it pretty standard-looking. However, it does have more than what you see.

ActiveCampaign too has been on the market for over a decade and is known for its excellent service. Although it was founded in the year 2003, it gained popularity in the past year only. It extends the boundaries of any other email marketing platform on the market.

Irrespective of the size of your business, ActiveCampaign has your back at all times. It goes to the level of providing you with full-fledged automations and even CRM tools. It’s the ideal platform if you wish to grow your business with it.

Campaign Monitor vs ActiveCampaign

Ease of Use – Campaign Monitor vs. ActiveCampaign

Most of the common complaints people have are the difficulty in using the software. Having tons of features and tools is of no use if the software isn’t easily accessible. Campaign Monitor is well aware of the issue and therefore has designed a straightforward interface.

It is highly unlikely for anyone to get lost with Campaign Monitor. Once you log into its page, you first see an invite for you to start designing an email. You also get template designs that help you to practice before you send an email.

An inbox preview also helps you know the exact changes you will have to make in your design. The only drawback you will find here is the lack of human interaction. They do have the features but are only meant for high-end plans.

Compared to what we saw now for Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign is slightly on a different page. I wouldn’t say that it is difficult to use, but it isn’t even easy to understand. For instance, if you are a newbie in the field, you might struggle a little while figuring out the software.

However, for someone with prior experience and knowledge, it’ll not feel difficult at all. On the good side, their email creation setup is quite straightforward. They also have a great support system through chat and email.

One of the best tools equipped in the software is the “export email addresses” tool. It helps export the email addresses of the people who have clicked on any link associated with the software. Through it, you could remarket your business with ease.

Integrations – Campaign Monitor vs. ActiveCampaign

Most companies rely on various softwares for marketing, sales, etc. It is at times like these; we realize the importance of integrations. The good news is, both the platforms have excellent integrations.

Campaign Monitor gives hundreds of integrations. Another additional feature it offers is precise segmentations. You can achieve it through specific integrations that help track user behavior.

ActiveCampaign also has a wide range of integrations, mainly focusing on E-Commerce systems. One similarity between Campaign Monitor and ActiveCampaign is that both of them offer Salesforce Integrations.

However, Campaign Monitor stands first in Salesforce AppExchange. Based on the integrations you are looking forward to, the process is not that difficult.

Pricing Systems – Campaign Monitor vs. ActiveCampaign

The price factor plays a crucial role in any decision-making process. Campaign Monitor does not have a free version; however, its plans are decent enough to buy. The prices differ based on the number of subscribers you select.

Here, I will be listing each plan price for 500 subscribers only. Starting we have the Basic plan, which begins at only $9 per month. The plan is ideal for you if you only wish to deliver emails. If you are a starter in the field, this could be the plan for you.

It gives you an idea of how email marketing functions. Next, you have the Unlimited plan starting at $29 per month. It lets you send unlimited emails to your subscribers and also provides you with priority support.

Lastly, you have the Premier plan that begins at $149 per month. You get a proper phone and email support with this plan.

Unlike Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign has four plans that it offers. At first, we have the Lite plan starting at $6.75 per month. Similar to the previous pricing, this also caters to 500 subscribers only.

Where Campaign Monitor lets you send emails to only 500 subscribers, ActiveCampaign lets you send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers. It is fascinating because it also provides you with marketing automations and chat/email support.

The Plus is the next in line, starting at $36.75 per month. It caters to everything you get in the Lite plan and much more. Over 50 landing pages, SMS marketing, Contact scoring, etc., are a few of the features provided.

Lastly, you have the top most plans that are the Professional plan and the Enterprise plan. The prior one begins at $96.75 per month and is one of the most used plans. The latter one starts at $171.75 per month.

It comprises all the features and tools offered by ActiveCampaign. It’s similar to the Premier plan of Campaign Monitor, except a little expensive.

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Final Verdict – Campaign Monitor vs. ActiveCampaign

The winner of the comparison would be Campaign Monitor; however, it all depends on where you stand and your demands. One major aspect that I noticed was that ActiveCampaign offers more in its first plan at a lower rate compared to Campaign Monitor.

Apart from that, all other plans are better in Campaign Monitor over ActiveCampaign. The main aspect here is that ActiveCampaign focuses more on the selling point of view and Campaign Monitor is more associated with Marketing.

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