campaign monitor vs getresponse

Campaign Monitor Vs GetResponse

Emails are one of the best ways of marketing and selling your products. It is not only easy but also efficient in every way possible. It is essential to have an appropriate email marketing platform to meet success.

I’m sure you might have done general research on a few of the prevailing email marketing tools on the market. Most often, there are chances of choosing the most appealing one, which is not that effective.

It is essential to go through all the features of the platform before making any decision.  In this article, I will be comparing two of the most used email marketing stages: Campaign Monitor and GetResponse.

I hope this comparison helps you determine which platform is better for you and your business. Let’s begin!

Email creation and email templates: Campaign Monitor Vs. GetResponse

Creating an email is the first and primary task of an email marketing platform. Campaign Monitor provides you with a wide variety of email templates that you can use to make your email look extraordinary.

There are free and professionally designed templates available on this platform. All of them are suitable for email campaigns, newsletters, product announcements, and much more.

You also get the drag and drop feature that enables you to edit your emails with complete ease. Even the usage is simple and elegant. Campaign monitor consists of all the essential elements needed to run a small business and satisfy the marketers’ demand.

Displaying your brand name has never been this simple before. The email editor makes sure that you get to make appropriate adjustments to your email, making it more appealing.

With GetResponse, you are given access to all email-related activities available. While building an email, you also get a mobile preview. With it, you can ensure that your email design looks perfect on any screen size.

There are more than 500 fully responsive email templates that you get a hold of. All of them appropriate for various occasions and festivals. You can choose any of them, based on your need.

Some of the GetResponse plans also come with top-level integration features, which are best for e-commerce. Overall, both platforms have a pretty decent and straightforward usage when it comes to creating emails.

Automation: Campaign Monitor Vs. GetResponse

Almost all email marketing platforms have automation features installed in them. It is practically impossible for businesses to keep in touch with all their customers without automation.

With the Campaign Monitor email automation, you can create the perfect email journeys for your customers. By using segmentation, you can group people sharing certain standard features and send them better and relevant emails, increasing your email marketing.

The “workflows,” also known as the “journeys” option available under the automation panel, help you design the customer journeys, right from sending reminder mails to finish their incomplete profile to making a transaction.

Similarly, you also have the segmentation and workflows in GetResponse but with a little bit of difference to it. The segmentations panel offers you a filter option to set specific conditions for the customer to meet.

With this feature, your workload gets highly minimized.  In the workflow section, you get to set the triggers for sending out emails such as recently subscribed, a purchase made, etc.

The automated deliveries help create a bond between you and the customer without spending time behind it. Through automation, you can even see the pattern and create new schemes to uplift your sales. Even managing your email campaigns becomes very easy with GetResponse.

Campaign Monitor Vs GetResponse

Pricing plans: Campaign Monitor Vs GetResponse

The price plays a vital role when it comes to choosing an email marketing platform. Sometimes the costliest of all platforms may not have the features that you are in search of.

Therefore, it is crucial that you look into all the features and offers that each platform has to give you and make your decision. As for Campaign Monitor, it has three different pricing plans. Let’s focus on the price rating for 500 subscribers.

The first is the basic plan that begins at just $9 per month with up to 2,500 emails. You also get to access all the core email marketing features. Later you have The Unlimited plan that starts at $29 per month.

Here, you get to send as many emails as you would want. It also provides you “Priority customer support” through email and many other benefits. Lastly, you have The Premier plan that begins at $149 per month.

It consists of all the benefits that Campaign Monitor has to provide you. If you face any issues with the platform, you can also use customer support via phone.

On the other hand, in GetResponse, you have four plans available. The first plan costs about $15 per month for a subscriber size of 1000. In the Basic plan, you can use autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, and many more features.

Then you have The Plus plan, which is used by the majority of GetResponse users. It starts at $49 per month and consists of all the essential and basic needed features such as webinars, sales funnels, etc.

Next is the Professional plan that consists of all the benefits in the plus plan and much more. Growing companies in the market use this plan. It begins at just $99 per month.

And lastly, you have The Max plan. This plan gives you all that GetResponse has to offer and ensures complete customer satisfaction. The price rate of this plan is customizable.  You get account migration support as well with this plan. You can also check our article on Infusionsoft vs GetResponse.

Which platform is better and for whom? Campaign Monitor Vs GetResponse

Based on all that both the email platforms have to offer, GetResponse is much more beneficial than Campaign Monitor. Even the price rate varies slightly.

Although Campaign Monitor has excellent features to offer, it is more suitable for a small organization or a recently started business. GetResponse, on the other hand, has much more to offer.

The variety of email templates available in Campaign Monitor are less than as compared to GetResponse.  GetResponse even offers a free 30-day trial which lets you check out all its unique features.

So, based on all the comparisons, if you own a small business, Campaign Monitor could be your preference. Whereas if you are looking for an excellent investment and complete support that you should opt for GetResponse.

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