ClickFunnels vs. ActiveCampaign

ClickFunnels vs. ActiveCampaign

Trying to decide between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign? Well, you have come to the right place for guidance. It is but natural that people get confused while choosing between two of the best marketing tools.

Both ClickFunnels & ActiveCampaign are known for their excellent features and processes. The choice that you make will entirely depend on the functions that you want. The best part of both these platforms is that they can easily get integrated.

In this manner, you do not lose on anything irrespective of the decision you make. The detailed comparison below will help you find the right platform for you and your business. So, let’s jump right into it.

Brief Summary – ClickFunnels vs. ActiveCampaign

Before getting started with the actual comparisons, it’s important to know the two platforms in general. ClickFunnels is mainly a sales funnel builder. Through it, people in business can create sales funnels that can get more people to buy a product or create a lead.

ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, is more of an email marketing platform. There is no denying that both the platforms provide much more than these restricted spaces; however, these are their specialties.

With ActiveCampaign, you can create unique and excellent emails to attract more viewers and customers to your product. It also helps in creating a bond with them. You also get to use email campaigns and manage your viewers.

ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign

Features Offered By ClickFunnels

1. Marketing

What are the things that you will require when you wish to launch your product in the market? You need a website, shopping system software, email marketing software, and more.

If you go to find these features individually, they’re going to cost you a fortune. However, with ClickFunnels, you can get all of them in one place. You can market your product easily and also gain a load of customers with ClickFunnels.  It saves your money and effort, providing you with the best of outcomes at the same time.

2. Drag and Drop Page Builder

ClickFunnels is equipped with an excellent drag & drop page builder that helps design quick and elegant sales funnels. It is user-friendly and fit for beginners as well. There is also a huge variety of pre-existing templates available.

They are beautifully and efficiently designed. You are free to choose any that you like or create your own. Even if you do not have any prior knowledge of coding or design, it’s absolutely fine.

Along with the page builder, the Clickfunnels drag & drop builder also gives you the ability to customize your sales funnels. There is also a feature specifically made for padding and color adjustment.

3. Email Marketing

ClickFunnels has an integrated email marketing tool that provides you with all the requirements you might have. It does everything starting right from email broadcasts to automations and autoresponders.

You also get follow-up funnels. It helps create a better flow of conversation with your audience based on their interactions with your website. It allows you to be specific and straight to the point.

The only setback here is that you can only access this feature if you are a member of the Platinum plan offered by ClickFunnels. However, the good part is that all the ClickFunnels plans are comparatively cheaper and affordable than other platforms on the market.

4. Integrations and Support

We all know the importance of Integrations in business. Integrations help fasten your work and reduce your workload. A platform with varied options for integrations gets anytime much better than other available platforms.

ClickFunnels offers you loads of platforms with which you can integrate at any time with great ease. For instance, you get PayPal, Infusion, AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, SendGrid, and much more.

In terms of support, ClickFunnels is simply the best. They have an official Facebook group free to join. It helps you get support and encouragement whenever needed. Their support system is one of the main reasons why the platform is so well-known.

Features Offered by ActiveCampaign

1. Automations

It is by far the best feature offered by ActiveCampaign. They have excellent automations that help in reaching thousands of people at one go. Now, there’s no denying that even ClickFunnels has automations, too; however, ActiveCampaign digs deeper into them.

You can add additional rules to the automations, such as making different segments, combining automations, etc. With ActiveCampaign, you get a clear flowchart of your customer journey right from their first click.

2. Email Templates

Similar to ClickFunnels, you get various email templates to select. The only setback here is that you get only 30 pre-designed templates. However, you do have the option of creating and designing your email template.

This feature doesn’t shine out brightly because the options available are mediocre and fit only basic uses. If you wish to catch the eye of more viewers, you will have to make an effort and create your email template.

The email builder available lets you play with colors, patterns, and styles to create a beautiful and innovative design.

3. Integrations

ActiveCampaign has 150+ integrations which include some of the most famous platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, etc. Since ActiveCampaign has been on the market for so long, it has its roots firmly in business.

You might end up finding all the integrations you are looking for in ActiveCampaign. Just one click on the integrations will help you know more about it.

4. Support

ActiveCampaign has an excellent knowledge base that consists of answers to almost all your questions. On its website, you also find various articles and videos on performing various processes in ActiveCampaign.

There is also customer support offered via email. The responses are delivered to you within 24hrs. You could also call or chat with customer support. Similar to ClickFunnels, an active Facebook page provides answers to your queries when needed.

Pricing – ClickFunnels Vs. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers you four different plans. The Lite plan begins at $9 per month. It is meant for small groups/teams and consists of email marketing automations, social media integrations, etc. Then you have the Plus and Professional plan beginning at $49 and $129, respectively.

The Professional plan is one of the most used plans amongst the rest. Lastly, you have the Enterprise plan starting at $229 per month. This plan consists of unlimited features, robust support, custom phone number, etc.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, has only two plans, i.e., the Basic Plan and the Platinum Plan. The basic plan begins at $97 per month and the other starts at $297 per month. Although it might seem a little expensive, it comprises of much more features than any other basic plan could offer. It is perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

Note that – Both the Platforms offer a free 24-day trial period.

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You have almost all the features of the two email marketing platforms laid down before you now and are free to make your decision. In my opinion, if you have a growing business but are still a learner, you must opt for ClickFunnels. It gives you more space and features to work with.

However, if you are a complete newbie and do not want to invest much at the moment, you can start with the ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan.

I hope the comparison above was of some help to you in making your choice. All the best!

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