ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

Business has evolved with time; so also the method of getting more sales by targeting the customers. In order to be successful, it is very important that people are aware of the existence and how beneficial your product is to them.

Since individual meeting with all your customers is practically not possible, email marketing comes to your rescue.  These platforms ensure that you are able to target a large number of customers in the shortest possible time.

There are a number of email platforms in the market, but today we narrow our study and focus on  ClickFunnels and  GetResponse.

Comparative analysis on their features will give you clarity and enable you to make the right decision for the growth of your business.

Email Template Features –  ClickFunnels vs GetResponse

GetResponse offers numerous email templates to choose from. This simplifies your work as you can either choose one offered by them or design your own template that matches your convenience. 

ClickFunnels email templates are known to be the best in the market. It covers everything right from marketing, selling and even delivering of your products online. Since all aspects are covered within single software, you do not have to visit different sites.

The professional library of GetResponse offers creative templates which enable you to choose the one according to your requirements. As these templates are goal oriented, they fascinate everyone. The problem related to broken email also isn’t witnessed here. The customized HTML templates offered by GetResponse are tested with many email clients and devices and as such you can go ahead with it without any worries.

The ClickFunnels templates are amazing as they are created with the sole intention to attract people to take quick decisions and procure more sales. They are easy to use and you have the option of dragging and dropping various components and changing the appearance or text to suit your needs. You also have the option of choosing any email template and personalizing it by modifying its elements.

Autoresponders –  ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

Many-a-times people question whether ClickFunnels has the auto-responders feature. The answer to that is, yes it does. In fact the ClickFunnels autoresponder stands out from other email autoresponders.

They do the usual task of sending broadcasts and managing campaigns. The aspect that makes it different from other email autoresponders is its ability to boost up your sales and develop a great rapport with your customers.

Actionetics tells you where each customer comes from on to your funnel. With that information you can market to them in the appropriate way.

The ClickFunnels autoresponseder are inbuilt, which makes integrations way easier and smooth. Your workflow gets a new pace and can be done efficiently.

GetResponse autoresponders are creative and fun to use. You get beautiful and attractive designs to frame your mails. There are even pre-designed emails that could be used for your convenience. You get a bird’s eye view on your customer’s steps and actions through this autoresponder. It is like a complete online marketing system.

You can send an unlimited number of emails just by setting them up in advance. Once triggered, they will get delivered without you having to for anything. Starting right from the welcome emails to the users who have joined newly to the notification emails to indicate new blogs or offers, all can be done effortlessly.

It also allows you to share the information on Facebook or Twitter automatically. Also, by sending follow-ups to your customers on the things that interest them, you get their attention and increase their chances of being a devoted customer to your site.

ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

Pricing –  ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

Pricing is a very important factor that plays a major role in choosing the appropriate email marketing platform for your company or business.  ClickFunnels starts at $97 per month. It gives you building funnels, creating designs; connect with various domains, etc for just $97 per month.

If you take the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, you get much more features and new settings to explore. This plan begins at $297 per month. It is very popular and widely used by many people as it provides a high quality experience.

The final plan is the TwoComma ClubX plan. This plan starts at $2,497 and provides you with the ability to create up to 10 sub-users, connect up to 27 gateways and get unlimited funnels and pages. There isn’t a free version of this email marketing system.

In Getresponse 4 different pricing plans are available. The basic one that begins at just $15 per month includes autoresponders and unlimited landing pages, etc for 1000 subscribers. Later comes, the Plus Plan. This plan is quite famous and is used by many small scale businesses. You get the automation builder, webinar funnels, sales funnels and a lot more features just for $49.

Next are the Professional and the Max plan. The price for the professional plan is $99 per month. You get everything that is available in the plus plan and much more. For example, you are provided with unlimited automation builders, webinars that could include up to 300 attendees, paid webinars, etc. The max plan is the ultimate pack that could meet all the requirements needed. The price for this plan is customizable.

Which is better? And for whom? – ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

Both the email marketing platforms provide great features and settings to work on. There’s a tough competition when you have to decide which one to choose. With ClickFunnels you get great integrations and even SMTP settings.

The only drawback here is that it is more on the costlier side. Those with a set budget wouldn’t prefer ClickFunnels as it is expensive. On the other hand, GetResponse plans start at just $15 and you also get a one month free trial which lets you explore the platform.

If you are someone who is looking for an email marketing platform for a small business and are okay with the cost then you should surely go for ClickFunnels.  

However, if you want a platform for the long run and at the same time do not want to spend too much money; GetResponse should be your preference.

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