ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign

ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign


The success of every business depends upon the timely implementation of strategies. It also includes reaching out to the customers at the most appropriate time. Thus, email marketing plays a significant role.

Reaching every customer is next to impossible. Email marketing helps target customers according to their needs and preferences. It makes the customer feel important. Thus, the purpose of business is also achieved.

In this article, I would like to discuss two such email platforms, ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign. These are excellent in every way, and integrating them into your business will help your business grow.

As I discuss their features and strengths in different categories, it will help you decide which is the most suited for you and your organization. So, let’s get started.

ConvertKit Vs. ActiveCampaign

ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign – Email Templates

ConvertKit comes to you with a wide range of beautifully designed email templates. These are easy to work with and give you ample choice to take your pick. You can choose any template and personalize it according to your requirements.

There is no restriction on the number of email templates available for you. Moreover, whether you are using a phone or an IPad, the screen size doesn’t affect the template’s look. They look equally fabulous and manage to attract the attention of the customer.

You can work on its font style, color and spacing too. Furthermore, you can add videos and images to enhance the look of your email.

ActiveCampaign has more than 125 professionally designed email templates. All these templates work fine with HTML and are B2C responsive. You have a variety of options available.

You can also customize your email the way you want. It helps in enhancing the look and start your business. Through it, you can grab the attention of the majority of your customers.

ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign – Market Automation

Automations are the new way of maintaining relations with your customers. In ConvertKit, you get a wide range of funnels, send targeted content, etc. Through automation, you get to keep track of your customers’ journey.

You are able to understand your customers in a better way. This automation even helps you get back lost customers who might have left an order incomplete. There are also visual automation features that let you create custom paths.

These paths help connect various events, actions, etc. With the visual automations, you’ll always know the tasks carried on in your funnel. Even editing content is quite simple and quick.

You can also create automation rules for individual customers if required. In terms of automations, ConvertKit is simply amazing.

ActiveCampaign lets you see your customers’ entire journey in one view. It has an automation map feature that covers the whole path for you. The performance report helps you find out errors if there are any.

The segmentation feature lets you send specific emails to a selected group of customers. Through it, you could offer automated follow-ups and other emails.

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up automation with ActiveCampaign. The best part about it is that you can try it for free. No card details are required. Another fascinating feature here is that you do not need a technical background.

The Drag & Drop automation builder makes building automations very simple. You can also take your automations to the next level by automating text messages, lead scoring, etc.

ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign – Support and Service

ActiveCampaign offers terrific service and technical support. It helps you track your customers’ behavior and past experiences. It allows you to help them in a better way.

It also prevents having any bad experiences with the customers. Pipeline Automation and Lead Scoring are a few of the best ways in which ActiveCampaign lets you support your customers.

Now, you can also assist your customers whenever and wherever they need it. Support and help have exceeded the traditional methods long back. You can get closer to your customers through chat automations, using email workflows, and much more.

ActiveCampaign also has other unique features such as multi-channel support, automated tasks, and a flexible pipeline. ConvertKit has a bunch of support features not only for the customers but for you as well.

If you are a beginner in the market, ConvertKit is the right choice for you. Through it, you can switch tools without any mishap. It even has fun workshops that guide you with great business strategies and motivation.

Their site contains a page for support that answers almost all questions that you could have. With ConvertKit, you will never feel lost; they’ve got you well covered.

ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign – Pricing

The majority of the time, the decision-making process comes down to a single question. How much will it cost? Both ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign come at a very reasonable price.

ActiveCampaign has four plans to offer. The starter plan, i.e., the elite plan, starts at only $7 per month. It comprises all the essential features that a small business might require: example – marketing automations, email marketing, segmentation, and much more.

The plus plan starts at $35 per month. It contains all that is in the elite program plus extra features such as the landing pages, contact scoring, etc. The professional plan that begins at $79.50 per month is the highly used one among other programs.

It is just perfect for a business that is growing. The final plan is the Enterprise plan. It is available at $139.50 per month.

This plan is mainly for well-settled companies and huge organizations.

On the other hand, you have ConvertKit that offers you a free plan with unlimited forms and landing pages. This plan also provides you with email support, selling digital objects, and much more.

The creator plan begins at $229 per month. This plan has all the free plan features along with free migration and automated funnels. Lastly, you have the Creator Pro plan that begins at $59 per month.

This plan has all the possible features and characteristics you would require to run your business smoothly.

Conclusion – Which is better? ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign

You have both the choices put forth right in front of you. The decision lies entirely in your hands. Based on the above comparison, I hope you have a rough idea of which email platform is better suited for you. You can also check our article on ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp.

If the money factor is your main and only criteria for the decision, I suggest you opt for ConvertKit. It is very affordable and easy to access as well.

All the very best in making the right choice!

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