Does AWeber have landing pages

Does AWeber have Landing Pages?

The answer to it is YES! AWeber does have beautiful landing pages that make your work not only easy but also much more fun.

If you are unaware of what a landing page is, it is a webpage whose main purpose is to meet the goal that they are designed for. Unlike basic web pages, landing pages is best for increasing your business.

The page that your customers land on after having clicked on a link on their mail, notification, advertisements, etc., is called the landing page. It helps in growing your subscribers and thereby increasing sales.

AWeber Landing Pages

AWeber has some great landing pages to offer. It also lets you create beautiful and attractive landing pages that grab the audience’s attention with ease. You can promote your products, new offers, etc., with AWeber Landing Pages.

Building it doesn’t require much time. There isn’t any need for professional coding to create stunning landing pages. In less than 10 minutes, you get provided with results that match your brand and style.

AWeber also lets you use Canva for the creation of landing pages. You can make innovative and elegant designs that too without leaving the AWeber account. These landing pages also allow you to collect the customer’s information without using different lead pages or paying extra.

They even help in bringing new subscribers to your business. Thousands of people have used it and found it very helpful. There have been many instances where companies have earned more business after using the AWeber Landing Pages.

It has various templates that might fit your requirements and desires. These make your work even lighter and quicker. They are professionally designed and will surely not disappoint you.

These designs look perfect even on devices of varying sizes. Through the Drag and Drop editor, you can create elegant landing pages.

Videos too can be added to your landing page, thereby making it twice more attractive than before. You can also track the traffic across the landing pages.

How do I Build my Landing Page?

Creating a landing page is pretty simple with AWeber. Just by following a few basic steps, your page will be ready. Note that – it is completely alright if you do not have HTML knowledge. With AWeber, it isn’t a requirement.

Hover to the “landing pages” tab at the top of the dashboard. Then select the “Create A Landing Page” option available. Now you will see a wide variety of landing page templates.

You can choose any template from the options provided. Click on “choose the template.” Once you have done that, you will get directed to the landing page builder where you will have to give an appropriate name to the landing page.

Here, you will also find many different elements that you are free to drag onto your page. Right from texts, images, videos up to inserting forms or buttons, AWeber takes care of it all.

All you have to do is select the item you wish to add and drag it to your landing page. Be careful not to leave the mouse button until you have dragged the item to the place you want to add it.

If you drag the item to an empty place, the place will turn light blue, indicating that the item will be placed here. On the other hand, if you drag the item to an already filled place, a blue line will appear, indicating where the item will get added.

Once you let go of the mouse button, the element will get added, and you can make changes to it based on how you want your landing page to look. To the left of the element, there is also a “Move” sign available. It enables you to move its place if you wish to.

Again, just like the last time, a blue line will appear on the area where you need to move the element. Also, when you click on a textbook to edit it, a toolbar will appear right above the text box.

Does AWeber have landing pages

Customize Your Landing Page

It lets you customize the text the way you want. You can also add hyperlinks that provide information about why they should sign-up to your list. Based on what you have selected, there are additional customization features provided on the right sidebar.

Whether it is simply changing the colors or update padding, the sidebar lets you perform all the required actions. Once the design is fully customized, you are free to update the setting of the sign-up form.

If you wish to add certain “custom fields,” you can click the form and choose “Add a form field.” In the drop-down, you can select any field you wish to use. It is also possible to adjust the field’s order by simply dragging it wherever you want it to be.

Updating Forms

If you want to adjust the form’s “Thank you” page, click on the “Submission tab.” You can update the page with the “Form submission menu.” Certain tags, such as campaigns, segments, etc., can also be added to your form.

After you have successfully customized the landing page, you must also customize its URL and SEO information. In the “Page Properties” area, click on “settings,” and you will be granted various options to edit your URL, update the landing page name, and much more.

You can also edit the social sharing image to ensure that it is attractive and beautiful to the viewers’ eyes. If you add in the “tracking section,” Facebook Pixel, as well as Google Analytics tracking IDs, it’ll make your work much easier.

Apart from all this, if you wish to look at how the landing page has turned out to be, you can click on the “Preview” option. It will also provide you with the “mobile view” of your landing pages.

Finally, select the “Save and Exit” option at the builder’s right corner. On your AWeber account, you will see the “Publish” option in the landing page section. Whenever you feel like publishing it, you may do so.

If you wish to edit the landing page, all you have to do is click on the “Edit” button, and you will get directed to the builder page. You can also check our article on how AWeber works.


The above write-up was all about AWeber landing pages. It is simple and efficient at the same time. I hope it helps you in building your landing page. Good luck!

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