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Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

With the advances in technology, it gets difficult to keep up and choose appropriate platforms for your business. In any medium-scale company, the two names that come up quite often are ActiveCampaign and Drip.

Drip and ActiveCampaign are email marketing and marketing automations platforms that help in business. Both of these platforms have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and it is easy to get confused while making a decision.

The decision that you make today can either build up your business or spoil it. In the article, I will guide you through the pros and cons of Drip and ActiveCampaign. I hope it helps in making the right choice for your business.

Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

Email Designs/Templates – Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

One of the smallest yet crucial things is the email design that you use. It is not only a medium to grab the attention of the viewers but also a way of advertising. The templates you use speak a lot about your business.

Drip offers only a variety of 6 templates. These templates are similar to the standard-looking templates available on the internet. If you wish to stand out, you will have to use your creativity and design within them.

You can also import your designs, HTML, etc. However, if you were looking for ready-to-use templates, Drip isn’t the right choice for you. On the other hand, ActiveCampaign has over 100 beautifully designed templates available.

You are free to choose among these options or even customize your own. These templates have pre-made columns and text boxes that help you fill information with ease. Quick and easy creation is possible with ActiveCampaign.

Even when it comes to email editing, ActiveCampaign is much preferable. In Drip, you do not have the Drag-and-Drop feature like the other email marketing platforms. Instead, you need to work in a longer process.

Firstly, you would have to select the part you wish to edit, then click on the text or data that you wish to insert. After making the changes, you still have to select the text once again. This process doesn’t seem to be efficient enough.

Whereas, with ActiveCamapaign, you have the drag-and-drop builder, which makes your work easier. You can make changes within minutes without any inconvenience. You get vast options of elements that help you edit your email with ease.

In such a context, I’d suggest you opt for ActiveCamapaign at all costs. However, it still depends upon the size and level of your business.

Navigation – Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

Drip’s interface is simple and easy to understand. It is best suited for people who aren’t much tech-savvy. The menu at the top consists of a few options that you get familiarized with easily.

ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, is more on the sophisticated side. Its interface is quite simple as Drip, but the dashboard can feel a little difficult to process. It’s more business-oriented and consists of all the things required.

Although it might feel a little too overwhelming initially, it gets easy once you know it. If you aren’t that well versed with technology and prefer something straightforward, I’d suggest you go for Drip.

However, ActiveCampaign is best if you own a growing business and want to attract more customers.

Marketing Automations – Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

A business without automations is unimaginable in today’s world. Automations do the work needed at the right time without having you do it. Drip has various automations that make your job easier and quicker.

There are a lot of automation triggers available as well. You choose whichever you like based on your requirement. For instance, when you click on an action-oriented automation trigger, it’ll do the needful when that particular action is fulfilled.

You can build any automation flow you want. With Drip, you also get to add workflow steps. These steps range from sending campaigns to splitting contacts. You can also set up Automation rules that apply to all viewers irrespective of which campaign they choose. It helps in increasing the speed at which your workflow functions.

ActiveCampaign provides a visual editor that smoothens the entire process of building automations. You also get a pre-built mini-library of templates from which you can choose the one that matches your requirement the best. There’s no denying that Drip is excellent in this aspect, but ActiveCampaign, too, has done a decent job.

You get a bunch of triggers to choose from for the automations. Combining them to build new and better workflows is also possible.

Integrations – Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

Integrations help you to connect with various other tools and softwares that make work simpler and fun. With ActiveCampaign, you get direct integration with 250+ applications. It also consists of social media networks, analytics tools, and much more.

On the other hand, Drip offers fewer integrations as compared to ActiveCampaign. The applications available at Drip’s end are still enough to help you at a lower level. For example, it has direct integrations with Shopify, Facebook, etc.

Based on the size of your company and the business you own, it’s your choice to make the decision here. If you find that the integrations offered by Drip are more than enough for you, you can opt for it.

However, in the long run, if and when your business begins to grow more, ActiveCampaign will be the need.

Pricing – Drip vs. ActiveCampaign

Most often, pricing acts as the most important aspect while making any decision. Since Drip and ActiveCampaign aren’t ordinary email marketing platforms, their prices do differ from the rest.

ActiveCampaign offers you four plans, i.e., Lite, Plus, Enterprise and Professional. The Lite plan begins at just $15 per month, and it consists of all the basic requirements. The Plus plan, however, is on the expensive side. It begins at $70 per month. It offers you up to 500 contacts.

On the other hand, Drip is a bit more expensive than ActiveCampaign, but it gives access to all its features irrespective of the plan you choose. The lowest plan offered by Drip starts at $49 per month. It’s entirely up to you if you prefer a lower price with minimum features or a little higher price with access to all features.


Based on the comparisons above, I hope you have a general idea of what Drip and ActiveCampaign have to offer. You are free to decide which one is best suitable for your business. You can also check our article on mailerlite vs activecampaign.

Suppose you’re still unsure and wish to look at both the platforms; you can do that as well. Drip and ActiveCampaign offer a free 14-day trial.

Good luck in making your choice!

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