GetResponse Email Marketing Review

GetResponse Email Marketing Review

GetResponse is one of the most widely used email marketing platforms currently. It has some excellent features that help make your work easy and much more fun than usual.

It provides much more than just email marketing as well. You could create landing pages, hold webinars, send out newsletters, and much more. GetResponse has been on the market for many years now and has immense popularity.

If you are reading this right now, it shows that even you have somehow been familiarized with its popularity. It is like the best business partner you could ever have.

If you are a beginner and wish to know more about GetResponse email marketing, look no further. In this article, I will introduce you to what email marketing is like with GetResponse.

I hope it helps you understand at least the basics.

GetResponse Email Marketing Review

Creation of Emails

We all know how attractive a beautiful email looks, but with GetResponse, you get to go a step further and design your kind of email. You have the drag-and-drop feature available that lets you design your mail the way you want to.

There are many layouts and sections available that you could use to make your email look much more attractive. Also, GetResponse emails are both mobile and desktop-friendly. You can preview them however you want; to picture better how they would look to your customers.

You also have the feature to add GIFs and photos to your email design. If you do not wish to put in the extra effort from your end but at the same time want your emails to look stunning, GetResponse handles it for you.

They offer you a library of free and professionally designed templates. You could select any that match your requirements. It is completely up to you to customize your email template or choose from a pre-existing one.

While you design your email, you can also structure it into various parts or paras. It makes it look much clean and attractive. There’s also a feature called “My blocks” that lets you hide certain messages or content you might need in the future.

Special Features

One of the well-known features of GetResponse email marketing is its 99% deliverability. It means that once you have drafted and sent an email, it will get delivered appropriately to the person without fail.

There are quite a few email marketing platforms that deal with the issue of deliverability. But, with GetResponse, that is never an issue. You can also create segments based on specific criteria.

There’s also a timing tool that lets you set a perfect time to send the message when needed. Whenever you write a new blog on your site, you could increase its reach by sending out a notification via email or even through your social media account.

It helps increase the popularity of your business and, in turn, gets you, new customers. GetResponse also offers you excellent autoresponders. You can create a sequence of emails that could nurture the bond between you and your customers through them.

You can design action-based emails that get triggered automatically once the particular action is fulfilled. These emails lessen your effort and make your work much easier.

You can also send newsletters. Newsletters, too, are a great way of updating people with your latest offers and schemes.


Marketing your business has never been so easy before. With GetResponse, you can attract thousands of followers in one go. Your stunning emails are the first and foremost way of getting people.

You can also advertise your products through emails and social media handles to promote more sales. Another excellent method of bringing back lost customers is a reminder message about their forgotten carts.

If you wish to reduce the work on the customer’s end, you could use transaction emails. These emails consist of either receipts or other reminders. With one click, the work gets accomplished.

When you host a webinar or post some new items on your website, you could send the customers a direct email notification. This increases the chances of seeing it and making a purchase.

If you wish to have accurate reports on how your email marketing is working, you could set automated reports. These reports will get delivered to you based on the schedule you have set.

You get a proper sketch of how the progress has been going and what steps you could take to improve it through the reports. You could target a specific group of audiences as well.

For instance, if the graph suggests that a certain group of customers are interested in a specific product, you could work on that and increase your business. Through this process, the customers feel that they are valued and needed by the business.

You can segregate your customers based on their interests or other specificities. It makes your workload less and much more effective. Through this, you know whom to send what.

Remember one thing, the more audience you attract, the greater profit you will receive.


The price factor is always considered as one of the most important aspects. With GetResponse, the price is not an issue at all. It is quite affordable and reasonable enough.

It has four plans to offer. The first and most affordable one is the basic plan that starts at only $15 per month. The other plans range from $49 per month to a customizable amount.

The best feature that GetResponse offers is that you could try any plan you want for 30 days straight, for free. Based on your experience with GetResponse, you can later decide on a specific plan you wish to purchase.

Also, note that there are no credit card details required for availing of the 30-day trial period.


I hope I was successful in covering the major points regarding GetResponse email marketing. It is simply one of the best email platforms on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional; the platform is suitable for all. You can also check our article on GetResponse landing page creator review.

If you do plan on giving it a try, you won’t regret it.

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