GetResponse Landing Page Creator Review

GetResponse Landing Page Creator Review

Sometimes follow-up is all that is needed to motivate a visitor to take action. Landing pages help you in your endeavor by simplifying the process. They allow you to keep in touch with your customer, establish a relationship, and sort out their doubts, if any.

The customers will take the next step of going in for a free trial or sign up for a webinar only when you solve all their queries. This building of relationships is possible only with the help of landing pages. They are the stepping stones to generate more sales.

In this article, we will see and speak about the GetResponse landing page creation and all its other aspects.

GetResponse Landing Page Creator Review

Build your Landing Page

Now that we have understood how important landing pages are and how a simple action can generate sales, let us see how to go about these. GetResponse comes with a host of landing page templates.

These landing pages are ready-made and mobile responsive at the same time. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can choose any one of the templates, which suits your business requirements the most.

Once you have selected a template, you can modify it according to your needs. The drag and drop editor feature makes it possible for you to create your page within few minutes. The elements present in the template can be modified and reshaped too.

You can work on the size and shape of the elements and their colors too.  GetResponse has an immense stock of files and images. It gives you the freedom to explore and add photos, documents, or even videos if need be.

Additionally, if you still want to look out for more options, you can select images from Shutterstock. They have a vast library that extends up to 5,000 pictures. Another exciting feature is, you can add GIFs to enhance the look of your landing page further.

Customizing and Reviewing Landing Pages

Once your landing page is well designed, you have to work on its visibility aspect. The more visible you are to your customers, the higher are the chances of your business spreading far and wide. It is possible with the help of the following methods:

  1. GetResponse has free domains which you can make use of to publish your pages.
  2. If you do not want to choose the first option, then you can use your domain. It helps sustain the consistency of the brand.
  3. Ensure that you use a title that follows SEO rules, like being unique. The title should be specifically related to the content yet shouldn’t be lengthy.

After your landing page is ready, you need to take hold of the data to study how well it has performed. You can analyze this with the help of information that shows the number of customers that visited the website, made a purchase, etc.

You can combine your landing page with Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, or Google Tag Manager. They will help you know how successful your advertising has been.

Optimum Use of Marketing

GetResponse provides you with various marketing tools which are helpful to bring about an increase in sales. One of them is automating emails. It is a system wherein the database of customers is segregated into various sections depending upon their interests, needs, plans, etc.

Now that you have the above information, email marketing targets the audience based on their needs. An automated message makes it possible to ensure that messages reach them on schedule.

The manual method of sending emails, as in welcoming a customer when he is on your landing page, informing about different plans, etc., is very tiring. This is easily manageable with the help of email automation.

Due to automation, you do not need to do the above tasks manually. Thus, you save a lot of your time.

Another essential tool of GetResponse is using conversion funnels. Through this, the relationship with the customer continues to be a fruitful and healthy one. It includes keeping the customer happy by fulfilling their needs, coming up with timely offers, and even working on referrals. This process is an ongoing one.

Organizing paid campaigns to attract more customers is yet another tool used by GetResponse. Finally, the most innovative and newly added feature is live chats. This enables the customer to voice out his concerns and speak to you directly.

You could also talk about upcoming webinars, offers, etc., on your landing page. There are no restrictions whatsoever regarding how much you can market your business on the landing pages.

You can also get paid directly on the landing pages if you sell something. The more you market your business, the better it will grow.

It’d be better if you keep track of clicks, visits, etc., happening on your landing page. This data would help you in planning your next marketing plan in a much better way.

Conversion funnels are a great way of increasing sales as well. You could use any of the pre-made ones or create one for yourself. GetResponse also lets you integrate your landing page with other third-party tools.

If you connect the landing page with your online store, you could quickly sell your products through the landing page itself. Other marketing tools such as Facebook pixel are excellent as well.


The above write-up was all about a review of GetResponse landing pages. I hope you found it helpful. If you are planning on creating a landing page for your business or yourself, I suggest you go ahead with it. You can also check our article on ClickFunnels Integration with GetResponse.

Just ensure that you have a proper structure in your mind about how you want your landing page to look and the content you wish to add to it. Overall, the process is pretty straightforward and fun.

Once you get started with the procedure, you will soon get the hack of it. GetResponse is highly user-friendly and fit for both beginners and professionals. I hope you have an amazing experience with it. You can also check our article on GetResponse webinar review.

All the very best with your step ahead!

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