GetResponse Tutorial

GetResponse Tutorial

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing platform. It is a fantastic tool that helps you plan out your marketing goals effectively.

It conducts a host of activities which begin with welcoming a customer. Increasing sales volume, running various campaigns, outsourcing knowledge, etc., are some of their expertise.

It aims at building a rapport with the customers. It segments customers into smaller groups and targets them. This is possible, as the customers get targeted according to their interests.

As such, every customer gets a personalized message that is meant only for them. As these messages are related to individual likes and needs, it becomes easy to attract customers’ attention.

Furthermore, it also helps to enlarge your existing customer base.

GetResponse Tutorial

GetResponse Tutorial – How to Use GetResponse?

Now that you have realized its importance, I am sure this is the next question that comes to your mind.  For this, you need to begin from scratch:

GetResponse Tutorial – Managing your Contacts

You can begin by creating a list of existing customers, which you could directly add to your database.

You can also import the earlier customer reports here. You also have the option of integrating GetResponse with various service providers.

Regular surveys, campaigns, freebies, landing pages can help to get more customers. They can also help to ensure that your records are up to date at all times.

The potential of social media in attracting customers is unavoidable. The referral scheme is one of the best ways to build upon your customer base.

Planning of Campaigns to Build Sales

To begin with, you can use the readymade templates or design your newsletter/campaign.

When autoresponders come into usage, they ensure that customers are in touch regularly. This is possible by offering some discounts, freebies, etc., to the customers.

The conversion funnel of GetResponse helps you to sell multiple products and promote online sales. This tool takes care of all your activities right from attracting new customers to maintaining the existing ones.

This tool is one-of-a-kind which works on promoting products to the customers online, thereby increasing sales.

Automation workflows further simplify your work as you segment the customers based on their interests and experience. It allows you to reward your most loyal customers or give them a gift on their special day.

Finally, by using landing pages and A/B testing newsletters, you can create multiple marketing strategies. Through this, you can ensure that the customers get what they desire.

This technique saves time at both ends as you foresee and plan accordingly.

Work on Results and Create New Opportunities

You could segment the existing customers into multiple smaller groups, such that those with similar interests or ideas come together. Once this gets done, a marketing plan could be developed, which matches their expectations.

Analytic tools are suitable to design fantastic offers which can help in increasing the conversion rates. When people get what they are looking for, the chances of generating a sale also increases.

How do I Begin?

Adding of Contacts to your List

This process is either done manually or by importing your contacts. If you are dealing with fewer customers with limited fields, you can follow the manual method.

However, if you are importing a large customer base with multiple fields, you can use any methods given below.

You have the option of uploading the file or pasting the list from the file.

You also have the option of connecting with a third party who offers service for the same.

Another way to add your contacts from various platforms is through plugins and integrations. GetResponse offers some great integrations that help in marketing your business with ease.

Creating and Sending Newsletters

Sending Newsletters is one of the simplest ways of keeping in touch with your customers. Example – sending a welcome message to your customers when they are new to you, informing them about the latest offers, etc.

When you are constantly in touch with the customers, it automatically builds a relationship. You can also reward them for being your esteemed customers.

GetResponse provides you two options. You can either pick Email Editor or HTML Editor. In the case of Email Editor, you can work by using the drag & drop feature on the templates provided by them.

If you choose HTML Editor, that’s also an excellent option for professionals in HTML coding.

Searching Contacts

This process is made possible with the following two methods.

Simple Search is one of the methods which makes it possible for you to look for contacts either by name or email address.

Advanced Search can be used when you want to do a more detailed or specific search. Example: Searching for people who haven’t seen the message sent by you, etc.

This search option gives you the choice to add various combinations and filters. It can either be a broad search or can be narrowed down, depending upon the situation.

Selling of Knowledge

You can use your area of expertise to create engaging content and thereby make money. You can group it into three parts.

Reaching out to the targeted students – social media is one of the essential means to reach out to people. For instance, by showing how valuable your knowledge is, you get more attention.

Earning through the opportunity – once the interest gets created, they can be given some free promos for signing up.

It is one of the best means to get the email address of the general public. Once they sign up, later on, these emails are a great source to strike a conversation.


As seen from the above, GetResponse is a beautiful email marketing platform. It ensures that all the activities, right from the start to the end, go on seamlessly. You can also check our article on ClickFunnels Integration with GetResponse.

It is equally helpful to all, irrespective of the organization’s size or the type of business.

GetResponse makes it possible to build good relations though it begins with anonymous leads. Their emails are not only classy to look at but also easy to create.

They also have a success rate of 99% as far as their deliverability is concerned. The trust GetResponse has built over the years speaks volumes about the success of GetResponse.

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