GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

In today’s time, email marketing is a great way of getting new customers and users to sign up for your site. Sending emails to each and every customer is nearly impossible and as such you need to have the perfect tool to make things work for you.

There are many online platforms available; two of the most popular ones are GetResponse and ConverKit. Both of these perform amazing work in email marketing and can be of great help.

But how do you know which one’s more suitable for you? I’m going to compare the features and options provided by both of the platforms, so as to help you choose the one that matches your requirements! Let’s begin!

Email Template Features – GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

Template features are a must in any emailing platform. GetResponse offers you a huge array of email templates. These templates are divided into various sections based on certain specific goals. Based on those, you could choose any template depending upon on your goal.

The quality of these templates too is high and your mails will be completely safe when you use GetResponse. The little drawback here is that formatting your mail can be a bit tiring because it doesn’t let you set a specific style for your heading and subheading to be used for all the text. Apart from that, GetResponse is really cool and easy to use. The web fonts available too are really good.

In ConvertKit, there is absolutely no limit to the usage of email templates. You can also create any template you desire and its beauty doesn’t change at all. Whether you open your inbox on your phone or even your iPad, the elegance of your email stays the same.

For those who prefer making their emails fancy and eye-catching, this is the ultimate option for you. It also has 3 default HTML templates that are the Modern, Classic and Text-Only. These templates are mainly all you need if you want your work to be done quickly.

Apart from that, you can change the fonts, styles, patterns, colors, etc without facing any issues.

Autoresponders – GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

Autoresponders are the features that help you set an appropriate time and date for a message to be sent without you having to send it personally. For growing businesses, this is a must.

The ConvertKit automation feature is pretty simple and easy to use. It has a visual email automation platform that helps you bring in your targeted people/audience closer to your business.

You can customize your automations based on the patterns of your subscribers. Editing the content you wish to send can be done seamlessly. You are also free to create broadcasts to set up mails to be sent to your customers whenever there’s a new blog or product or any other important news.

GetResponse goes a step ahead from the “drip” style of automation, giving you the ability to sequence emails automatically in a better way. It is called the “marketing animation”. It has a drag and drop option that helps you create a flowchart that tells GetResponse to move to the next task after the first command is fulfilled.

It’s like guiding your user from one email to some other link to some other information, without personal intervention. The app does it for you.

There are funnel building strategies that are unbelievingly good in GetResponse. Basically, GetResponse helps you connect with your users on a next level. If you are looking to create a fun broadcast and avail the best features for a small business, ConvertKit should be your ultimate choice.

Whereas if you love going that one step ahead and developing a good connection with your users, then GetResponse should be your first choice.

GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

Pricing – GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

The price factor plays a very crucial role in decision making.

The GetResponse basic plan begins at $15 per month. This plan lets you email up to 1,000 users and you can also avail the features such as automated templates, surveys, etc.

Later comes, the plus plan which begins at $49 per month and has some additional features like the webinars, e-sales.

After that comes, the professional plan that starts at $99. And finally, the max plan equipped with all the features and benefits required. These plans may seem a little costly, but as they provide all the resources you need, it is truly worth it.

The ConvertKit system is more on the cheaper side. Their first plan is the free version. Herein, you do not have to pay a single penny to avail its features and get accustomed to it. You can send the email broadcasts or even sell your digital products without having to pay for it. This facility is for free for up to 1,000 subscribers. You even get unlimited forms as well as landing pages.

Then is the creator plan that starts at just $29 per month. By buying this plan, you get to use automated funnels as well as sequences. The migration from other tools too gets done freely. This plan is really worth investing in.

The last plan is the Creator Pro Plan that begins at $59 per month. Just imagine getting to use all of the features available just for $59. That’s a great deal and is worth giving a shot.

Which is better? And for whom? – GetResponse Vs ConvertKit

While talking about which one is better, honestly speaking it is a tough call. Both the email marketing platforms have great features and provide high quality experience. Personally, I feel, GetResponse is the winner.

If you are looking for a high end platform for your business, you should go for GetResponse. However if you want to avail all the characteristics, without spending too much on it, you should opt for ConvertKit. You do not have to pay much and you get the best result as well. It’s a win-win context.

The final decision is yours, as you would know better what fits your requirement the best.

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