GetResponse vs iContact

GetResponse vs iContact

In recent times, connecting to your audience in a more personalized manner is very important for every business. It is a priority and the best way to gain sales in a short amount of time.

Email marketing makes this step easier for you. Through email marketing, you can reach your customers in a better and more efficient way. It is also easy to manage and much more affordable than other platforms on the internet.

Getresponse and iContact have been two of the best email marketing platforms on the net and have been widely used. Both have excellent features, but which one would benefit you more is a difficult question to answer.

I will be comparing these platforms to help you know better as to which one to opt for.

Email Template: GetResponse Vs. iContact

Having a good email template speaks a lot about your business and can attract a huge audience.

Getresponse offers you some classy and well-designed templates to work with. It also provides you the drag and drop feature, with which you are free to design and create your very own email template.

You can make use of various layouts or GIFs in order to enhance your template. They also can be personalized if you make use of dynamic content. Getresponse guarantees you 99% of deliverability, making itself reliable and user-friendly.

On the other hand, you have iContact, which gives some easy-to-use tools that can help you create beautiful email templates. You get access to a library filled with predesigned email templates that can be easily modified to match your ideas.

iContact makes sure that all the designs and templates look stunning on all the possible devices. Crafting your own mail is also possible with the use of the Drag & Drop builder.

These responsive templates not only deliver your messages on time but also make your work lighter. They can be created in less than 5 minutes, that too, without any hassle.

iContact makes sure that using it is simple and time-saving, even for the beginners trying to climb the success ladder.

Automation: Getresponse Vs. iContact

Automations are one of the best ways to give your customers full attention too with minimum efforts. Through automated emails, you do not have to waste hours sending each mail at a particular time.

iContact has some cool automation available that can make your work a lot easier. Most email marketing platforms offer trigger-based autoresponders, whereas iContact goes a step ahead by providing you with multi-step email options.

Through this feature, you can keep the conversation going between you and your customers with bare minimum effort. With this, you can also guide your audience through your brand and attract them smoothly.

iContact also lets you take the automation process a step ahead of mere emails. You can also build up an error-free connection between your email and landing page. Through this, you can boost up the number of interactions, visits, clicks, etc.

Getresponse offers you automation-based triggered options. Once you have set a behavior, your email gets delivered automatically when that particular behavior is triggered.

For instance, when a new member subscribes to your site, he/she instantly gets a welcome email, thereby saving your time and effort. Getresponse automation also helps in managing email campaigns comfortably.

You are also provided with the option of keeping your audience up-to-date with the new changes. For example, by choosing the appropriate RSS email templates and making use of autoresponders, your audience will be notified every time you make any new post on your website.

There is also a feature that lets you share this information on Twitter as well as Facebook automatically once it is posted.

Pricing: Getresponse Vs iContact

The money factor is a big differentiating point between iContact and Getresponse.

As far as iContact is concerned, it offers you a completely free plan so that you can be well equipped with what email marketing feels like.

This plan works for up to 500 contacts, and you also get 2000 sends per month. Getting all this for $0 is just fascinating. The second plan is the Standard Plan that begins at $15 monthly for 1500 contacts.

You get all the features in the free plan plus live chat, multiple users, unlimited sending, and much more. This plan is best suited for small businesses or start-ups that are trying to set their own space on the market.

The last plan is the Pro Plan that begins at $30 monthly for 1500 contacts. This plan consists of all the features and benefits that iContact has to offer. It suits you perfectly for big businesses and companies as you get all your requirements matched at just $30 per month.

Getresponse has four different plans made available to you. To start off, the basic plan begins at $15 on a monthly basis for 1000 contacts. This plan provides you with email marketing, unlimited landing pages as well as autoresponders,

Then you have the Plus Plan that begins at $49 per month. Most of the people familiar with Getresponse make use of this plan as it is affordable.

Next, you have the Professional Plan that begins at $99 per month, and lastly, the Max plan with all the features. The price rate of the Max plan can be customized.

Which one is more preferable? For whom?

As seen from the above write-up, both of the email marketing platforms have excellent features to provide. The only factor that is quite different among both of them is the money factor.

iContact is much more affordable, whereas Getresponse is a little on the expensive side of the pyramid. iContact also lets you use the platform for free with certain necessary features, whereas Getresponse offers you only a 30-day free trial.

If you are someone who doesn’t have an issue with the budget, then you can surely opt for Getresponse. On the other hand, if you are a newbie in this field or even an old player looking for an effective platform on a budgeted amount, then you should opt for iContact.

Both the platforms are amazing in their own unique ways. Based on the above write-up, make sure you select the one that meets your needs the best. Good Luck!

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