GetResponse Webinar Review

GetResponse Webinar Review

GetResponse is an excellent email marketing platform that helps you broaden your business far and wide. You can create mailing lists, set autoresponders, use the website builder, etc., with GetResponse.

GetResponse also has a new and beautiful feature called the Webinar feature that lets you connect with your customers in a better way. The webinar tool is an essential feature because of which people generally wish to opt for GetResponse.

If you plan on doing so too and wish to have a thorough and honest review about it, look no further. In this article, I will introduce you to all the aspects of the GetResponse Webinar that could help you make your decision.

GetResponse Webinar Review

Building your Webinar

The GetResponse Webinar builder lets you create and use webinars with great ease. Through it, you can connect with n number of users and also gain an excellent online experience.

You can also customize your URL for better convenience. It also helps in increasing conversations worldwide, thereby making your business prosper.

The webinar builder is flexible in terms of scheduling the time, date, etc. You can create your webinar in less than 5 minutes. You also have the option of enabling registrations that will provide you with the details of the people who join the webinar.

You have all the controls in your hand. It can hold up to 1,000 live attendees, and you can also share your stage with two presenters. Another great feature of the GetResponse webinar is that it allows you to store webinar recordings for up to 20 hours.

It can help you maintain a list of what is done so far and the different ways you could go ahead with your business.

Webinar creation is now easier than ever. You could create one while traveling or lazing around through the GetResponse free app. It allows you to build fully responsive and excellent webinar rooms.

Even your attendees need not require a laptop or computer to attend the webinar. The app caters to all the needs, even on the small screen.

You can access the recording feature on the mobile as well.

You can engage with all the interactive tools such as live conversations, chats, polls, etc., through the app.

Interactive Webinars

The best part is that these webinars allow you to follow up with your audience easily as they have a host of predesigned templates. The invitation templates are available; all you have to do is enter your specific details regarding the promotion.

Through this, you can ensure that there’s a constant follow-up from your end. You can let your customers know about the latest offers you have. This sharing of ideas will help you gain more customers.

You can further make the best of your webinars by adding YouTube videos to your existing presentation. Brainstorming is made possible with the help of interactive whiteboards.

It makes it possible for you to get all the viewers’ feedback instantly by using polls. You also have the option of live-streaming your webinar on social media like YouTube or Facebook. It will expand your customer base and make it possible for you to reach the maximum audience.

The share screen facility allows you to show and market your products to the viewers better. Overall, with its immense features, the webinar room will enable you to broadcast your content, get a response from the participants, and create engaging calls to action.


The GetResponse Webinar helps you to market your business quite well. It provides you with numerous built-in marketing tools that help you to attract customers all over. For instance, you could use the one-click Pixel integration, which allows in retargeting page visitors.

During the ongoing webinar, you could also promote your products within every thirty minutes or so. This helps to attract more customers. The more you facilitate and showcase your offers, the better impact you have on the potential customers.

The polls during the webinar are a great way of getting to know people’s opinions regarding your product.

As mentioned earlier, feedback is one of the essential things in terms of marketing. The webinars are a great start. But you could also send forms and tests that would help you know your customers in a better way.

Also, sharing your pre-recorded webinar acts as a significant link between you and the customers. They could listen to it when they want and might decide to opt for your product.

GetResponse gives you that opportunity not to let go of a single chance. It also provides you the feature of webinar funnels. These funnels act as a promotion machine that grants you predesigned registration pages, payment gateways, invitation emails, etc. You have an option between paid and free webinar funnels. You could choose any, based on your convenience.

You could also train and educate new members through your webinars by sharing files and other materials. The more you share your knowledge, the higher the chances of your business getting popular.

Your webinar does not have to end with just a single session; instead, you can use it as a means to various other aspects. Get your whole team online and train them in marketing and impressing the customers in a short period.

GetResponse webinar has a lot to offer. It is up to you and your team to use it to its fullest.


I hope the review was of some help to you. If you have already done proper research, you might know that opting for a separate webinar tool or system is expensive and tedious.

Here at GetResponse, you get email marketing, funnels, marketing automation, webinars, and much more. It is like a complete dream package for your business. The prices, too, are pretty reasonable and budget-friendly.

GetResponse webinars are used by thousands of people worldwide, and all their features and aspects are fascinating. I would suggest you go for it without wasting any much time. It is worth a try. You can also check our article on GetResponse marketing automation.

All the best for your journey with GetResponse.

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