How Does AWeber Work

How Does AWeber Work?

We’re currently living in a world where businesses are spread large and wide through the means of Email Marketing. AWeber is one of the best tools available in the market that supports and helps small businesses to enlarge their customer growth rate. Through this they are also able to establish a better connect with the consumers. It also has a wide array of segmentations, templates and other sophisticated features that help such businesses prosper efficiently.

How Does AWeber Work?

  • Log in to AWeber
  • Make your first list.
  • You can create as many lists you want
  • You could also make segments, .i.e sub-groups
  • Select your language
  • Choose an appropriate subject line
  • And lastly, select complete set-up

Now here are a few things you need to know. Making a list is very helpful because it helps you control all your subscribers. Your very first list could be certain subscribers who have chosen to get emails from you. Now you could possibly send them one-time emails or even automatically generated emails with the use of this list. This makes your work simple.

You might surely be wondering, what about the people who already have their own list or those who are switching to AWeber for the very first time from a different provider?

Here’s what you need to do

  • Click on the “Add Customers” option available in the Subscribers dropdown column.
  • When you will be importing a list of your subscribers, make sure to select “Import more than 10 subscribers”
  • Select the appropriate list to which you would like to add your subscribers
  • AWeber itself will do the work of matching the available subscribers’ data with the correct fields.
  • And lastly, you can tag your subscribers in this process.

It is very important to be certain of the fact that whoever you send mails to, are the people who actually opted for this. At AWeber, there is no threat from spam as it makes sure to keep your data safe.

Apart from this, it is essential for you to have a proper conversation and let them be aware of how you manage to get subscribers to your list. If your subscribers are bought from other providers, it is your duty to let them know, so that the AWeber could do its best in matching the fields.


Tags are the easiest way of grouping your email lists. For example, if certain subscribers were the ones you interacted with in a conference meeting or a webinar, you could tag them differently from the other subscribers in the list. You can make use of the feature that would allow you get automated emails, also generally called as Campaigns, with the use of tags.

how to use aweber

How Does AWeber Work? -How to create the first Sign-up form?

  • Click on “Create Your First Sign Up Form” option available.
  • Choose any template of your choice for the sign-up form, but the “Simple” template is advisable.
  • After that, click on the “load template” option.
  • Select “Edit Header”. In that add your text, justify it, make changes in the font, size, etc.
  • Name and Email will always be the default fields in the form you are creating, but you could also select from the individual fields section and edit your field criteria.
  • Select the “submit” button and make changes to the text that says “call-to-action” and instead type out something catchy such as “Let’s get started” or “Go for it”.

Now that you already are done adding subscribers and also have a web-form that helps you in getting more subscribers, the next step would be to send a basic broadcast email.  

While you are about to send a new message, it is advisable to use Drag and Drop Builder. After this, to have a preview of all the various template options available you should select the “templates” option which is available under message properties.

If you wish to have a better experience, you could give a try to Drop or even Tidal.

From the default template select “Single Column Variation”. This helps in showing features of the editor. To personalize your message, never forget to add on your subject line.

Apart from this, the images option panel provides you with the facility to upload any image from your computer or you could even select from a wide range of 6000+ images that AWeber has to offer, that too cost-free.

Once you are done with all these steps, you will be automatically directed to the drafts page. Here you have the send option.

For starters you can send an email to your inbox to see how it has turned out to be. With AWeber you can easily schedule as well as send broadcasts within a few clicks.

Make sure you have selected who you would want to be able to see this content. The default option here is to send it to all the subscribers who are currently active, basically your main list subscribers.

It is up to you when you want the email to be sent. It could be sent right now or you could also schedule a time and a date to send it. Make use of  “Calendar-date-picker”. Choose the ideal date and time you want. And lastly click on apply.

At the end, you could also add “automations”. Automation is the easiest way in which you could add or take out tags when the subscribers open emails or click certain links.

If you wish to use the automations or even just track links that your subscribers might click, make sure to keep “Track click on website links in this message” as selected. You can also check our article on AWeber tutorials.

Finally, now we come to the question you might be having since a long time. You can check our detailed article on AWeber Integrations.

How Does AWeber Work? – How do all these tags and campaigns work?

  • From the message dropdown choose the “campaigns” link.
  • Select create campaign and give it a name.
  • Now, if you want this campaign to be sent to all of your subscribers, click on Subscribe.
  • If you want this campaign to be triggered on a specific setting, then choose the “Tag Applied trigger”.
  • This feature will only send the campaign to the subscribers who have received a certain tag.
  • Tags can also be applied to the subscribers who make use of automations.
  • This feature helps you build better segments.
  • And lastly when you decide to get started with the campaign, save it and leave. Then choose the “activate” option.
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