infusionsoft vs getresponse

Infusionsoft vs GetResponse

Over the years, email marketing has been one of the most effective ways of increasing sales, earning profits, and keeping in touch with your customers. IT not only saves your time but also ensures that the work gets done faster.

If you wish to invest in one of the platforms, you have come to the right spot. Out of all the email marketing, GetResponse and Infusionsoft, also known as Keap, are two of the widely used ones.

Both of these platforms possess excellent properties and help in making your business prosper at a greater rate. If you are confused about which one to opt for, I hope this article gets rid of that issue.

I will be comparing both of these platforms and all the features they have to offer. Based on this comparison, you can select the one that meets your requirements the best.

Email Marketing Features- Infusionsoft Vs GetResponse

The Keap email platform comes with a library of stunning email templates. Each of them is designed for different festivals and occasions. It ensures that your emails look attractive and get delivered appropriately.

These templates are designed with a functional perspective. It ensures that the message reaches as well as pleases the subscriber. They also have a mobile app that eases the communication process with the client.

Clients worldwide prefer instant responses and quick movement. Now, they can connect with you through text. It not only improves your impression but also grants you more business.

It also has built-in A/B testing that maximizes email effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, the deliverability simply amazing due to the Auto Spam check feature.

Through GetResponse, you can create elegant and responsive emails anytime, anywhere, based on your requirements. The drag and drop feature makes the creation of emails much more effortless.

Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, you can easily design awesome emails for any screen size. You are also provided with high-quality goal-oriented templates.

You can use any from the wide range of options or even build your designs. Creating mobile-focused templates is also possible now. Through that, you ensure that your emails look the same on different devices.

Often, emails get delivered to the spam folder instead of the inbox, but with GetResponse, your client will never face such an issue.

Marketing Automation: Infusionsoft Vs GetResponse

Automation saves time and helps grow sales at a faster rate. If the email marketing tool you opt for doesn’t provide automation, it is of no use. Automation lessens the manual labor that you have to spend on a task.

Keap provides you the feature of sending automated emails when specific actions are performed. For instance, when a customer fills a form, he/she automatically gets a follow-up mail. Quick follow-up creates a better impression on the receiving end.

As these people could be potential clients, automation indirectly helps in spreading your business far and wide. You can also integrate thousands of other apps that can trigger Keap’s automation.

GetResponse offers you the ability to plan automated customer journeys with complete ease. Through its marketing automation, you can set emails based on specific triggers.

Once the behavior-based trigger is met, your email gets sent automatically. It helps in maintaining a close relationship with your subscriber. You can even share newly published blogs and content with your users automatically.

Through the calendar view option, you get a bird’ eye view of your subscriber’s journey. Based on it, you can create new and unique plans to catch their interest. For example- by sending them relevant content, celebrating their yearly subscription, etc

If you use automation appropriately, it can benefit you and your business in many ways.

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Price: Infusionsoft Vs GetResponse

The price factor matters a lot when it comes to settling for an email marketing platform. Both of these platforms differ a lot in terms of their pricing plans.

Keap has three different plans to offer. All of the below-mentioned prices are meant for 500 contacts only. The first plan is The Lite plan which begins at $40 per month.

This plan works best for newly started businesses or small companies as it offers automation, email tools, and core CRM. The Pro plan is one of the most used plans among the users.

It starts at $75 per month. If yours is a growing business, this could be best for you. It has marketing campaigns and much more. Then you have the Max plan, which begins at $100 per month.

This plan provides you with all the high-end features and benefits that Keap offers to start from advanced automation to ecommerce. It is perfect for already established businesses with a large number of customers.

GetResponse, on the other hand, is much more affordable and nicely priced. The first plan, i.e., the Basic plan, starts at just $15 per month for a size of 1000 contacts. It offers autoresponders, website builders, unlimited landing pages, etc.

Then is the Plus plan that begins at $49 per month.  This plan is one of the highly used plans of Getreponse. You can use almost all the essential features needed for a business to market itself.

And lastly, you have the Professional and the Max plan. The first costs about $99 per month, offering you excellent integrations, unlimited automation building, and much more.

If you’re looking for a plan that will let you evolve your marketing skills over time, then the Max plan could be your pick. It doesn’t have a set price as that is customizable. You can also check our article on Mailerlite vs GetResponse.

Which one is a better pick, and for whom? Infusionsoft Vs GetResponse

Both Keap and GetResponse are excellent in their outlook. They have different and unique features to offer. Apart from the difference in their pricing rates, they are almost similar platforms.

If you are looking for an email marketing platform that can give you all the benefits but at a reasonable rate, you should undoubtedly opt for GetResponse. It is perfect for all, whether you own a small business or a big one, whether you are a professional or just a beginner, it doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, if you want the best and money is not a barrier, then Keap can be your preference. This platform, although being costly, has some excellent properties that can help increase sales and help your business prosper.

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