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Leadpages AWeber Integration

Forget about freelancers, time cycles and added costs – Leadpages integrated with Aweber makes the development, publishing, and upgrading of your content fast and easy.

Aweber integrated lead pages send to you the following information: Create and post mobile-optimized pages which look great. You can do so in minutes. You do not need any technical experience. You can publish professional models and use the personalization of the drag and drop feature to create beautiful lead pages in minutes.

You should use Lead Pages with your Aweber email platform to experience the only platform to support you in forecasting page efficiency before you post the page. This helps you to optimize in real-time.

You can optimize the lead pages with limitless split checks, including A/B and multivariate tests. This gives you higher conversions. With an easy-to-read, real-time data table, you can easily verify your content output.

Leadpages is a Minneapolis, MN, online tech firm specializing in website landing and opt-in pages. Leadpages are now regarded in this fast-paced marketing niche as an industry leader. 

Customers can create a limitless number of landing pages and opt-in formats through multiple areas, using a free plugin.

The Lead Pages works seamlessly with WordPress websites. The landing pages can be used for multiple uses, such as releases and live webinars.

Leadpages is an online tool for collecting email subscribers. This is the main feature of lead pages and offers tons of sturdy templates that you can use to make your email list bigger with leads, webinars and landing pages. Templates for things like selling products are also available. This makes Leadpages a strong and useful tool.

AWeber provides a tool to enable organizations to connect with prospects and consumers more efficiently and profitably. You can connect Leadpages with AWeber to build and maintain profitable partnerships with your email subscribers.

leadpages aweber integration

Leadpages AWeber Benefits

You can use the Leadpages AWeber combination to do the below:

  • Create relationships
  • Send an automated collection of messages
  • Broadcast newsletters
  • Send vouchers
  • Send exclusive e-mail deals

You can also post registration forms on your website quickly. You can use the combination to inform your blog followers about recent posts that you have written.

The customer service of both the tools is very proactive and each has a lot of knowledge. You can talk with live support people to help you plan your campaign and get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Leadpages Aweber Integration

Here are the steps for the integration of Leadpages with AWeber:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to log into your Account.
  2. Create a new Leadpage. Click on the “Create New Leadpage” button to create a new page. A couple of questions need to be answered about what you’re doing on your website. This creates some pre-styled page choices from which you can pick.
  3. You will then see the template for the form after choosing the page you want and you need to assign it a name. Find the button you usually use to show the form on this page. Swing over your mouse and press the “Edit Pop-Up” button on-screen.
  4. Your pop-up form is then revealed. An “Edit Integrations” button will appear over the shape. Then press the ‘Edit Integrations’ button. Click “Send me the guide!.”
  5. Tap on the “Add an Integration.” tab on the left sidebar.
  6. Tap on the button “More Services.”
  7. Choose AWeber from the list of integrations available. Then in the top right corner, press “Connect New Account”.
  8. You will be asked to include your AWeber login credentials after marking your Account on the resulting page and clicking on “Connect,”
  9. You will be taken back to the “Edit Your Form” portion of your leading page. To complete this form, use the drop-down to pick the list you want subscribers to apply to.
  10. Once you have picked your AWeber list, you will be able to assign up to ten tags to your subscribers who have joined this form. There are tags on your subscription. These tags are used by the AWeber account subscribers. Click on the “Save” button after you have attached your tags.
  11. You can add more fields to collect more data using the option “Add a Field”. Make sure you have a corresponding custom area in the AWeber list for fields beyond Email and Name.
  12. Tap “Next – Actions.” when done.
  13. Finally, after uploading your details, you will set up the page the subscriber will be on. Select “Save & Close.”, once you have set it up.

Leadpages AWeber Integration Advantages

  • Create an infinite amount of landing pages on your website.
  • Capacity for smooth GoToWebinar Registration pages to build landing pages for webinars.
  • Automatic redirection to new landing pages to traffic on existing landing pages or 404 error pages.
  • A wide library of models for available landing pages.
  • Mobile sensitive and Facebook compliant landing page templates.
  • Leadbox pop-up windows appearing as visitors to your website pick a connection or picture to find out more about your network or to register for your mailing list. Lead boxes can also be installed into sites running on the platform of Rainmaker.
  • Lead-links to easily connect the current subscribers to a webinar page, and so on (existing subscribers do not reconfirm their identity).
  • Capturing opt-in leads into an SMS text message.
  • Integrated split testing to track the performance.

Leadpages AWeber Conclusion

You can contact your audience, gather leads and close sales easily using the Leadpages AWeber combination. Using Leadpages you can create website landing pages without code.

You can choose from 200+ templates for high conversion. Using this tool you can connect page information to your e-mail, CRM, and more. You can improve conversion with AB tests and guidance in real-time. You can discover unlimited publications, manuals, and traffic.

Using Leadpages integrated into Aweber you can change your pages on search engines and show how they appear. Set your meta tags (title, description, and keywords), and in real-time preview your page. You can use tracking code for third parties like Google Analytics easily.

If you want to use landing pages with your email platform, then the Leadpages Aweber combination is perfect. You can also check AWeber Alternatives.

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