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MailChimp Vs GetResponse

MailChimp and GetResponse both provide an immense range of email templates to choose from. You can decide to go with the existing one offered by them or create your own template to suit your requirements.

MailChimp offers you basic templates as well as theme related templates like sports, e-commerce etc for your convenience. You can select one design and then edit the styles, design or background.

Not only that, if these templates do not match your requirements, you could create one yourself as well.

MailChimp offers the template language option where you can design your very own template which can also get imported as HTML. This is very useful for those who like web designing. In these templates you can also add sections that are hide-able or editable.

 GetResponse has a huge number of email templates to choose from. It also has a professional library that offers great creative templates that help you in choosing the ideal one based on your goals. These templates are goal oriented and can catch the eye of almost anybody.

Templates based on seasons, festivals, and many other occasions are available here. The issue of facing the damage of a broken email or email bounce backs doesn’t pop up here.

The customized HTML templates offered by GetResponse are tested over many email clients and even devices. So there is absolutely no need to worry about any damage.

The MailChimp templates are more supportive of the creativity in you, so as to attract people whereas the GetResponse templates are for those who want to get their work done accurately along with a little elegance to it.

Autoresponders – MailChimp Vs GetResponse

Automation provided by the MailChimp helps you deliver your emails right on the specific triggered time and moment. Setting up autoresponders is also very easy and quick. You can customize your message completely or use automation templates from the already provided options in MailChimp .

You can target many scenarios using the automations. Whether it is a welcome email for the user who just signed up or even a thank you email for the customer who just ordered a product from you, these automations have it covered.

In GetResponse you get a flawless and smooth experience of setting up automations. They even have great content pre-equipped especially meant for the subscribers. There is absolutely no limit to how many emails you could send in one shot or from one particular list.

Setting up this automation too is pretty simple. You can select the exact date and time you would want the emails to be auto-sent. When comparing MailChimp with GetResponse, you won’t be able to use the automations option if you aren’t a premium member i.e. have a paid plan.

Whereas in GetResponse, you get a free trial and you can try all the features available in it. Both of them provide great settings and options to choose from while setting up the automations.

MailChimp lets you create and set autoresponders as per your design and convenience and GetResponse provides you with a large number of already available settings and options along with great content available as well. It’s clearly up to you to select which one would suit you best.

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Pricing – MailChimp Vs GetResponse

As you already know, everything comes with a price. The pricing factor is something that makes us think twice before making a decision. Both MailChimp and GetResponse are reasonably priced when you compare them to more advanced email marketing solutions like ConvertKit and ClickFunnels.

They also both are excellent email marketing platforms even though the price is competitive. The advantage of MailChimp over GetResponse is that it also has a free plan. The issue is that the free plan doesn’t provide a lot of features. This will inhibit the growth of your business.

The free plan provided by the MailChimp is genuinely of no use as it doesn’t provide you with the essentials required. The essential plan starts at $9.99. The standard one starts at $14.99 and the premium one at $29.99 per month. The higher the plan you opt for the better features and options you get.

In GetResponse you have the basic plan that starts at $15 per month. Then there’s the plus plan that begins at $49 and the professional plan that starts at $99 on monthly basis. The highest plan is the max plan of which prices are customizable.

Out of all of the plans, the plus one is most popularly used by many businesses. If we compare both the systems on the basis of their prices, GetResponse is little on the costlier side. On the other hand, it does have better security and outstanding features too.

Which is better? And for whom? – MailChimp Vs GetResponse

GetResponse provides you many features that MailChimp may not provide. One of the easily noticeable ones is that GetResponse doesn’t have a sending limit whereas MailChimp does have.

Although GetResponse might seem a little on the costlier side, but if you want to use email marketing as an effective marketing tool, this is the ideal option you should go for. Whereas for those who are just looking for some small branding and client updates, MailChimp can be your preference. However, you need to keep in mind that the price difference is barely a few dollars and your website and business will definitely benefit from email marketing so it is a good investment.

GetResponse has webinars and other creative features that can attract more users to your business. This makes it the ultimate platform for your business. The only thing that makes MailChimp better than GetResponse is the free plan available.

You could try and use MailChimp to see if it is suitable for your work without even having to pay for it. GetResponse offers you a free trial, but you have to pay for it later if you would want to avail the features available.

Now it is clearly up to you, to decide which one you would prefer based on the comparisons you saw above!

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