MailerLite vs GetResponse

Mailerlite Vs GetResponse

If you are familiar with the concept of email marketing, then you will also be familiar with the terms Mailerlite and GetResponse. These platforms are two of the largest email marketing platforms on the internet.

If you know how to market your business appropriately, then you are already climbing the success ladder. Marketing is all that basically matters in any business you work in.

Featured with amazing integrations and tools, they become very user-friendly and attractive platforms. If you are someone in search of the perfect base for your brand, then you have come to the right place.

I’m going to be analyzing all the features you would get if you chose mailer lite or GetResponse. I hope that this comparison helps you to choose the most suitable one for yourself. Let’s get started.

Templates: Mailerlite Vs GetResponse

Templates are like the outer beauty of any gift. If the outer covering itself doesn’t look fascinating, how can you expect anyone to appreciate the gift?

With Mailerlite, you basically become a designer yourself. Whether it is landing pages, email newsletters, website designs, etc., Mailerlite has it all covered. The templates that it has to offer are just excellent.

You have umpteen number of options to choose from. Apart from that, it also has custom-designed templates. Here, the platform itself tries to know about your business/brand and creates a specially tailor-made template for you.

They make sure to add in all your requirements and your brand name. There is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. It’s like making a wish, and it is fulfilled within minutes.

They also build content blocks for your template if required for certain specific information. Whether it is images, tables, or anything else, Mailerlite makes sure to provide you with only the best.

The drag and drop feature helps in editing your template efficiently. To make work easier, they also offer content automation with which there is absolutely no need for you to feed in data manually.

 GetResponse gives you the ability to create beautiful and responsive emails within less than a minute. They have many email templates that you are free to customize as per your convenience or even create your very own template.

You have the basic blocks feature setting that lets you add in any of your videos, images, etc. Personalizing your email, too, is pretty simple with the help of custom web fonts.

The goal-oriented templates make sure of providing you perfect templates based on specific events so as to make your work lighter and fun.  Whether it is welcome designs, promotions, etc., GetResponse has it under control.

Even as far as landing pages are concerned, GetResponse offers you some really great templates that are mobile-responsive too. Other features like integrations help in driving high traffic to your landing page.

Automations: Mailerlite Vs GetResponse

Automated emails are a must requirement in any email marketing platform. Mailerlite has excellent automation that helps you get connected to your customers in a better way.

Starting from welcome emails to abandoned carts, mailer lite has automation to keep everything in check. The automation- editor lets you create your very own workflow within minutes.

It can be as flexible as you want it to be. The automation builders also let you set up a series of emails with various steps so as to keep you connected with your subscribers.

With GetResponse, you can send any number of emails at any specified time. You have the trigger-based feature that automatically delivers emails right exactly when the particular action is fulfilled.

You can easily manage your email campaigns with GetResponse. Also, when you post any new blog or make new changes on your website, they too can be delivered through automated emails.

Moreover, GetResponse helps you make your customers feel special by small gestures such as celebrating their subscription day, anniversary, etc.

Price: Mailerlite Vs GetResponse

GetResponse has four plans to offer. The price that I’d be mentioning now will be for 1000 contacts and might differ if you increase the number of contacts.

The starting plan begins at $15 per month, giving you unlimited landing pages, unlimited lead funnels, and much more. Starting a plan for just $15 is quite a big deal.

Next, you have the Plus and the Professional Plan that begin at $49 and $99 for a month. In the Plus plan, you get to access the webinars for up to 100 attendees, five sales funnels, and many other features that aren’t available in the basic plan.

This plan is most popular among a majority of the users. Then you have the last and the final plan, i.e., the Max Plan. This plan consists of all the features available in GetResponse.

It has no fixed price as such, but it can be customized. You get to access transaction emails here.   Dedicated support and even account migration support is provided if you opt for this plan.

On the other hand, you have Mailerlite that offers you a completely free plan for up to 1000 contacts. You can make use of this platform to send up to 12000 emails monthly.

This is very useful for those who do not wish to invest but want to avail the features that the platform has to offer. Although the free plan wouldn’t let you create your own templates or have any access to unlimited domains, yet it still provides the majority of the other features available.

Then you have various plans beginning from $10 monthly to even $ 100 monthly based on the number of your subscribers and the requirements you want. These prices are pretty straightforward and affordable in their outlook. You can also check our article on Campaign Monitor vs GetResponse.

Which is better? And for whom?

Mailerlite and GetResponse have quite a tough competition in any context, to be precise. Both of them are designed and equipped with amazing settings and features.

Yet, there are some things that are better in Mailerlite than in GetResponse and even vice versa. For instance, Mailerlite, apart from just being an email marketing platform, also lets you build your own website.

It is upon you to decide what your requirements are and thereby choose the appropriate platform accordingly. Good luck!

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