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MalierLite vs. ActiveCampaign

The world of business is never stagnant. It is constantly evolving. Thus there’s a constant struggle to maintain one’s position in the market. It solely depends on your capability to develop new ideas and hold on to customers’ attention.

Since customers play such a vital role, establishing a relationship with them is extremely important. This article aims at a comparison between two email platforms, MailerLite vs. ActiveCampaign. A detailed study will give you a clear understanding of what is ideally suited for the growth of your business.

Let’s begin by going through the key features of both of them.

MailerLite vs. ActiveCampaign

Features – MailerLite vs. ActiveCampaign

The email marketing platform of MailerLite is straightforward to use. You can create individual newsletters and campaigns even with zero knowledge of HTML. The drag and drop feature simplifies your work. You can catch the attention of your customers by making use of predesigned templates.

These templates are further customizable according to your requirements. Moreover, you can personalize them based on the customer’s preference. You also have the option of saving your designed templates for future use. It saves your time as with some modifications; they are reusable.

Another essential feature of MailerLite is that you can embed your survey into the email. It means you do not have to depend on a third party and create separate surveys. The countdown block is an exciting feature to motivate customers into a quick decision.

Similar to MailerLite, ActiveCampaign is a highly recommended email marketing and CRM platform. You get to customize your templates, create automations, send newsletters, and so on.

ActiveCampaign has been in the market for several years and is known for its significant customer support. It is designed in a manner to help professionals in the digital marketing field as well as beginners.

Email Building and Templates – MailerLite vs. ActiveCampaign

As mentioned earlier, MailerLite offers you the drag and drop editor. It helps you customize your templates and create attractive ones that can help you gather more viewers. Apart from the benefits, the MailerLite editor does have a setback.

For instance, if you want to make a small change in one of the template elements, you cannot make it directly in the template. Instead, you have to navigate to the sidebar and use the buttons there to make the changes.

There are also premade blocks available with MailerLite. It consists of videos, images, buttons, etc. Depending upon the content you have, you can make changes to the customer’s email copy. It will help create a better rapport with your customers.

Similar to the drag-and-drop builder available in the MailerLite, ActiveCampaign also has a similar editing tool. However, it is much easier and convenient to use. You only have to select the template you like, drag it to the main and edit it based on your needs.

You can edit the content in the template itself, and therefore it makes your work simpler. There is also a provision of using HTML coding for the templates. If you are good at coding, you could take it up.

ActiveCampaign also offers a predictive blocks feature. However, it is only made available to Professional & Enterprise plan users.

In this context, both platforms have done a fair job. However, it’s clear to conclude that ActiveCampaign has managed to get a more significant credit because of the considerable number of templates it has to offer. All of them are B2B, B2C responsive, and also support HTML.

Automation – MailerLite vs. ActiveCampaign

Automations are the need of the hour. They make work life more manageable and helpful. MailerLite provides you with all the basics required for automating workflows, emails, etc. Several triggers help set workflows and other automations.

When a trigger gets fulfilled, you get an idea of what the following action will be. You can also move a group of subscribers from one section to the other with ease.

ActiveCampaign gives you an automation setup that is straightforward to understand. It also has a workflow editor with which you could build a work chart. These charts, in return, will help you to keep a visual track of your workflow automations.

In terms of action, ActiveCampaign is the best. You can manage your customer scores, add or remove tags, etc. There are also advanced tracking systems available such as event tracking and site tracking.

You can also create segments within the workflow editor. These segments make it easier to connect with the receivers through the mail. Another excellent feature provided by ActiveCampaign is the goal tracking feature.

Through goal tracking, you can set goals for workflows and record the successes or losses that you make. The automation map is another great tool to get a bird’s eye view of all automations that you carry out.

ActiveCampaign is preferable anytime over MailerLite in terms of automations as it is much more advanced and easy to use.

Pricing – MailerLite vs. ActiveCampaign

The prices for both platforms differ broadly. MailerLite offers a free plan for 1,000 contacts, which in itself is a huge deal. There are barely any email marketing platforms in the market that would offer you such a deal.

On top of that, if you pay $10, you also get to use premium features for those 1,000 subscribers. MailerLite plans depend upon the number of subscribers and therefore are much cheaper than ActiveCampaign.

For a newly started business, the free package itself is more than enough as it can cater to almost all of its requirements. If you select a plan of 5,000 subscribers, you get it at $30 per month.

The 10,000 subscriber plan comes at $50 per month. As it is visible to you, MailerLite is straightforward in its pricing system.

In comparison, ActiveCampaign offers you only a free 14-day trial. Its plans start with 500 contacts, and it provides you with four different methods. The Lite plan begins at $7.50 per month and comes with marketing automations, segmentation, etc.

The plan that gets used by the majority of people worldwide is the Professional plan. It starts at $79.50 per month.

The Plus plan begins at $35 per month and has landing pages, contact scoring, SMS marketing, and much more.

The final plan offered by ActiveCampaign is the Enterprise plan which starts at $139.50 per month. It comprises of everything in the plus plan and much more than that. You get your custom domain, free design services, and custom reporting in it.

Final Thought

If the price factor is vital to you, I would suggest you opt for MailerLite over ActiveCampaign. Nevertheless, if you like other features in ActiveCampaign better than MailerLite, you should go for it. You can also check our article on ontraport vs activecampaign.

In the end, the future of your company lies in your hand. Ensure that you choose what is best for you and your business. Good Luck!

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