SalesForce vs. ActiveCampaign

Salesforce vs. ActiveCampaign

Marketing and maintaining good customer relationships are two of the main mottos of any business. It is essential to have a great CRM and marketing automations platform. For instance, Salesforce and ActiveCampaign are the ones that have always been in tough competition.

If you are looking for good software for your company, you have come to the right spot. In the article below, I will be comparing the features of Salesforce and ActiveCampaign. Both these platforms have played a very important role in the online market for quite some time.

Although a majority of the people find them equally outstanding in their work, it is important to find out which one suits your requirements the most. I would advise you not to decide in a hurry, as this could be the sole reason for the success or downfall of your company.

SalesForce vs ActiveCampaign

General Information – Salesforce vs. ActiveCampaign

Salesforce was founded in the year 1999 as a software for service. Today, it is known as the world’s No.1 CRM platform. It has around six business units worldwide and provides excellent customer experiences.

A few of the features of Salesforce is that it is suitable for both well-settled businesses and growing businesses. It grows with you and your entire team. Its flexibility makes it more appealing and efficient.

ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, is more of an email marketing system. However, it also caters to CRM and other Marketing Automations. ActiveCampaign was founded in the year 2003 and today has its branches in most of the major states.

Marketing – Salesforce vs. ActiveCampaign

Salesforce uses the Marketing Cloud for all its marketing purposes. It is easy to work with and helps you in getting to know your customers well. You quickly begin to humanize with them and build better relations.

With the Marketing Cloud, you can create better workflows, form great teams and get work done within minutes. They also provide intelligent marketing automations that help in delivering the right messages at the right time.

With Salesforce, you also get a detailed view of your customer, thereby helping you know what their preferences and dislikes are. You also get access to AI-powered personalization to market your business to all types of customers.

The more you market, the greater are the chances of gaining profit.

As mentioned earlier, ActiveCampaign is more of an Email Marketing software; therefore, it helps market your business through attractive emails. You can build newsletters, create campaigns, etc., for the targeted audience.

Triggered emails are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your viewers as it is a constant reminder to them. Every action they take can be set into a trigger, thereby making sure that they turn into your regular customers.

Through email autoresponders, your work gets done automatically within seconds. Segmentations also help in reaching specific people. Sending different emails to different people is a great way of marketing your business. It makes them feel special and valued.

As we all know how important appearances are in the modern world, ActiveCampaign provides you with over 125+ email templates to work with. If you do not seem to like the given choices, you also can create your templates. The drag and drop builder makes email creation quick and simple.

Integrations – Salesforce vs. ActiveCampaign

Integrations mean connecting the data of other software to lessen the workload and help function better. With Salesforce, you can connect the data from any system to provide the best results to your customers.

If you are a beginner with no knowledge of how integrations work, Salesforce also offers you demo videos. The Try for Free option makes the experience even better. Salesforce lets you expand your boundaries far and wide.

The API platform is yet another great way of opening doors to newer things. They help you enhance customer experiences thereby, promoting your business far and wide.

ActiveCampaign lets you integrate with more than 850 apps and the best of their tools. You could choose the tools that are essential for your business and work with them. If you want to run an e-store, you could integrate with various e-commerce Apps.

Some of the common apps ActiveCampaign integrates with are Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, WordPress, Facebook, and many more. Business would have never felt so much fun before. ActiveCampaign is the ideal place to begin with if you’re a newbie.

Pricing – Salesforce vs. ActiveCampaign

Salesforce offers you four plans, all at a reasonable and affordable rate. The first plan is the Essential plan starting at $25 per month. It is the most basic plan and is generally used by the people new to business with growing companies.

The next plan is the Professional plan that starts at $75 for a month. It comprises all the basic features provided by the Essential plan and much more. It also gives you rule-based scoring. Next, you have the Enterprise plan, which starts at $150 per month.

It covers all the features provided in the Essentials and Professional plan and also gives an automated approach towards workflows and various other tasks. The final task offered by Salesforce is the Unlimited plan starting at $300 per month.

You get the idea of it, just by its name. It is also known as the most beneficial plan offered by Salesforce. You get 24/7 support with this plan. It is ideal for huge good settle business on the market.

Similar to Salesforce, even ActiveCampaign offers four different plans to its users. However, the prices differ drastically. The Lite plan begins at $6.75 per month. Also, note that all the prices stated here are for 500 subscribers only. They will increase with the increase in the subscribers.

The next plan is the Plus plan starting at $36.75 per month. It comprises unlimited email sending, segmentations, marketing automations, and much more.

You get landing pages, contact scoring, SMS Marketing, Customer Branded forms, and many other cool features in this plan.

Lastly, you have the Professional and the Enterprise plan. The Professional plan begins at $96.75 per month and is the most used plan. If your business is settled and you are trying to start new branches, this is the ideal plan.

The last plan is the Enterprise plan which begins at $171.75 per month. It is similar to the Unlimited plan offered by Salesforce, comprising all the features offered by ActiveCampaign.

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Now that you have a detailed comparison report in front of you, you can choose for yourself the most relevant email marketing platform. Both the platforms are excellent in their way, but what matters here is what your business demands.

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