SendGrid vs AWeber

SendGrid vs AWeber

Email marketing is one of the many methods that businesses use to increase profits. It has gained much popularity in the past years. It will continue being pivotal for the success of businesses particularly small to medium-sized businesses in the future as well.

Email marketing can be simplified by the use of software called ESPs (email service providers). These tools are platforms that ease the process of email marketing. They also help you save time and effort required. They automate the whole process of email marketing.

You just have to set them up and feed into them the required data and then they will function automatically. In this article, we have reviewed and compared two popular email service marketing tools. One of them is AWeber and the other is SendGrid.

SendGrid vs AWeber – Email Templates

In SendGrid you can make use of the feature of email template builder. You can create a customizable design using WYSIWYG campaign creation. There is also access to HTML if you need it using the code editor of SendGrid. This is one of the topmost editors on the market today.

You can choose editing options whether you need a code, visual design, or both blended in the email. However, when it comes to marketing emails (newsletters) one of the features that clients want to see is the ease of creation of responsive and beautiful templates. In SendGrid this is not possible. It is not easy to create an email template like that here.

AWeber on the other hand has helpful templates. The template creation editor is easy to use. It has a drag and drop feature. In Broadcasts you will find a popular feature that allows you to make your email newsletters.

You can use the drag and drop feature to design the layout you wish to have. You can also choose one from the 700+ email templates that are available. Many of the templates that are provided are outdated. They are of the 2000 era.

There is a newer more modern design too. There are blank options also for you to be able to customize by yourself. If you have a Pro plan on AWeber you can get in touch with the support team and they can get one customized for you. The availability of a wide range of email templates is a plus for AWeber.

SendGrid vs AWeber

SendGrid vs AWeber – Pricing

SendGrid is a transactional email and email delivery service. It helps you send emails in large amounts without you having to spend a lot. Transactional emails are ones sent based on the actions you perform in the application.

For example, if you have sent an email inviting someone via the app, when accepted you will get an email notification. If your invitation has been accepted for a certain number of days, you will again get a notification.

There are also ‘automatic’ or ‘triggered’ emails. Moreover, SendGrid allows you to send 400 daily emails that amount to nearly 12000 monthly emails for free.

SendGrid’s pricing depends on whether you want their Email API, or Marketing Campaigns, or both. SendGrid pricing depends on your sending volume and number of contacts. Using the Email API Plans, you can embed email capability into your website or app.

You can begin with the Free plan which allows 40000 emails for the first 30 days. After that, if you are continuing with the free plan you get 100 emails a day forever.

However, most teams mailing transactional emails will need the SendGrid Essentials 40K plan for the long term at least due to the limit. This plan costs $14.95/month.

With the Marketing Campaigns plan, you can send and design email marketing automation and campaigns. Using a Free plan. you can save up to 2000 subscribers and send about 6000 emails per month.

The Basic 5K plan of SendGrid allows you to save about 5000 contacts and send 15000 emails a month. It costs $15 per month. The Advanced 10K plan increases to 10000 subscribers and 50000 emails per month. It costs $60 per month.

AWeber pricing is simpler. There is a Free Plan that is present for up to 500 subscribers. The Pro plans pricing depends on the number of contacts.

You can choose annual billing, or even monthly, or quarterly. There is a 14.9% discount if you pay annually. The pricing depending upon the number of subscribers is as follows: 

  • 0-500 subscribers – $19
  • 501 – 2,500 subscribers – $29
  • 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers – $49
  • 5,001- 10,000 subscribers – $69
  • 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers – $149

The pricing of AWeber can be said to be in the same league as its other email marketing competitors. The cost is mid-range. It has an excellent free plan. The features offered by AWeber are not tier based.

Every user has access to all the features. This is irrespective of the plan purchased the user will have access to all features of AWeber. Pricing is only based on the number of subscribers and the emails that can be sent are unlimited. This makes it a really attractive option to consider.

Taking the price factor into consideration both SendGrid as well as AWeber are highly affordable.

Which is Better – SendGrid vs AWeber

AWeber is best for small to medium-sized businesses. It is also suited for smaller suppliers in the e-commerce domain. AWeber is ideal for those who don’t have a big mailing list (less than 20000 subscribers). It is not suited if your business needs automation sequences that are sophisticated or personalization.

Its pricing model depends only on a number of subscribers and has no limit on sent emails. This is great for users who do multiple mailings every month but to a list that is relatively small.

SendGrid is ideal for all organizations. It does not matter whether they are small or big. It is good for organizations on a low budget too. It is an affordable solution for vendors with a large number of contacts. It is very easy to manage and import contacts using SendGrid. They have self help support online and even technical chat and phone support. You can check our detailed article on AWeber vs Infusionsoft.

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