Sendlane vs GetResponse

Sendlane Vs GetResponse

Email marketing is the new way in which you can market your business and your product. There is n number of email marketing platforms available on the internet. 

Two of the most popular and widely used platforms are Sendlane and Getresponse. They have been on the internet for quite a while and have amazing features, but how are you supposed to know which one is better for you and your business?

For that very purpose, I’m here to assist you in making an appropriate decision. Let’s get started!

Email templates – Sendlane Vs Getresponse

If you’re thinking of something classy and different, then Sendlane has the perfect package for you. You can create visually stunning designs that would stand out instantly.

All their templates are cool and vibrant. With Sendlane, you can design optimized mails for an iPad or cellphone, or any other device. Their special drag and drop feature also makes designing more convenient and fun.

Even if you are a novice, you can complete your work easily without any issues. You can choose from any of the predesigned templates or create one of your own in less than a minute.

Creating and sending brochures, notices, cards, etc., is a piece of cake with Sendlane. On the other hand, you have Getresponse, with free email templates that help you learn and get inspired by them.

You can beautify your mails by adding GIFs or photos with complete ease. There’s also a feature that lets you build your very own template library for future use. You also get a perfect preview of how your email is going to look like on different devices.

Getresponse also offers you various layouts as well as sections with which you can enhance your email templates.  The “perfect timing tool” feature lets you deliver the message to your subscribers exactly on their preferred time slot.

Autoresponders – Sendlane Vs GetResponse

If not automation, then what else are you supposed to expect from an email marketing platform? Having the smoothest autoresponders is essential in any business you are in.

Sendlane lets you create personalized emails that can be delivered at the appropriate time to your customers.

There is event-based automation that makes your work lighter. You have many automated events like abandon carts to tracking orders. You can also add in your own automation.

Right from the moment a person subscribes to your business to them making purchases, all the communication emails can be automated.

Sendlane also provides you with the settings to design the journey of your customers. This feature lets you track your customer’s moves and thereby do the needful to get you to know your customer’s interests very well.

It also lets you get your lost customers back on track. For instance, by sending reminders that there’s an abandoned product in their cart or even providing messages with special offers for them.

Getresponse provides you with a bird’s eye view through the calendar feature. It gives you beautiful and attractive email templates to send automated emails such as welcome messages, thank you emails, etc.

You are free to send an unlimited number of emails without facing any inconveniences. Managing your email marketing campaigns, too, is very simple.

It also has the trigger-based email feature that lets you deliver emails automatically once the mentioned behavior is triggered. You also get to follow up with your customers to know what they actually like and thereby show them relevant content.

Through this, you can also share your new blogs and posts with the audience.  Apart from that, autoresponders even help in increasing your sales and provide detailed information about your business.

Price factor – Sendlane Vs. GetResponse

When it comes to pricing, both Sendlane and Getresponse have quite a difference in their provided plans. Starting off with Sendlane, there are only two plans available.

You can either opt for the Growth plan that starts at $99 per month or rather choose the Professional plan that begins at $249 per month. The first plan lets you exceed up to 5000 contacts and unlimited emails.

With the professional plan, you can grow up to 10,000 contacts. If due to any circumstance, you wish to begin with a starter pack, Sendlane offers you one at just $497 for six months.

Throughout that time period, you get to access all the features that a growth plan has to offer, and after that, you are free to settle for a growth plan or go for the professional plan.

Apart from that, Sendlane also offers you a 14- day trial wherein you can access all the Pro plan features. This trail has a limit of 500 mails and 1000 contacts only.

On the other hand, Getresponse has four different plans to offer, beginning from the Basic plan for just $15 per month to up to the Max plan, of which price can be customized.

These prices are all for the last size of 1000 and vary based on the size limit you settle for. Apart from the Basic and the Max plan, you also have the Plus Plan and the Professional plan.

These plans begin at $49 and $99 respectively. Out of all the Plans mentioned so far, the Plus plan is widely known among all people as it tends to fit the budget and offers great options as well.

Which one is better? For whom?

Although both the email marketing platforms have a lot to offer, it clearly depends on you as to which one is you would prefer the most. Sendlane has some really great things to offer and is also attractive in its approach.

Getresponse gets your work done with efficiency and great quality speed. Although I personally would opt for Sendlane, as it has better features as compared to Getresponse, if you are the one who is cautious about the money factor, then you can choose Getresponse.

Get response also offers a huge 30-day free trial as compared to Sendlane’s 14-day trial. Yet, on the other hand, Sendlane has great integrations and resource facilities.

If you have a newly started business and are low on money but want a quality email marketing platform, you should surely go for Getresponse. Whereas if you have no issue with the budget or have a well-settled business that requires a step-up, then Sendlane should be your pick. Either way, just make sure you choose the platform that suits your requirements the best!!

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