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WooCommerce and AWeber

WooCommerce is one of the best Ecommerce plugins available. It is like having your ecommerce store. You get to manage as well as edit your products with complete ease.

Thousands of people doing business use it. You also get a bunch of reporting tools that help in raising your business to new levels. By using different WordPress editing tools, you can also add your customizable products.

Now, when you have a set store with all products in place, you need a group of audiences to purchase your products. AWeber can do just the thing for you. It helps you connect with the people and sell the products better.

Integrating WooCommerce with AWeber is pretty simple and doesn’t require any professional coding. Through AWeber integration, you can add the customers directly to the mailing list. It helps to send them follow-ups and thereby not to lose touch.

It is combining your ecommerce store with the email marketing platform. Thus, not only does your workload get lighter but also quicker. With the AWeber integration, you can quickly boost your sales without having to do much.

How does this Integration help?

When you have the whole record of customer purchases, you can quickly get in touch with the regular ones and the irregular ones with more relevant content.  It eventually leads to an increase in sales and purchases.

The integration helps manage the customers on your mailing list efficiently. You can tag certain aspects of their as well as reminders of abandoned carts.  It gives the audience the freedom to customize discounts and offers.

Another benefit that you get is, there are high chances of your newsletter audience increasing. You could ask each customer to sign up for your newsletter once they have made a purchase.

The more people sign up, the easier it is for you to maintain that relationship. With the “track cart abandonment tags,” you can let the customer view his/her cart. If the cart is unrecovered, there is a chance that the customer might revisit your store.

If it happens so, it is most likely possible for him/her to find something they like and make the purchase. At times, customers end up abandoning their carts and completely forget about them.

During such times, the recovery hyperlink helps them go back to their cart and complete the purchase. The WooCommerce integration also allows you to motivate new customers to make a purchase.

For instance, sending emails about free coupons and discounts to new customers can motivate them to place new orders. You can also offer discounts to an existing customer when he or she refers a new customer to you. 

Through such methods, you can add to your existing customer base.  It is also possible to recover a potentially lost sale.

Automated campaigns will save your time and also market your business efficiently. You can select and create as many campaigns as you want, starting from welcome series up to abandoned carts.

You can also go about making their special day as in birthdays, anniversaries even more special with gift hampers or small gifts.  A token of appreciation showing you care and value their presence as a prestigious customer will also prove helpful.

If you own a small business, AWeber, along with WooCommerce, is a great integration to get started with. It does most of your work without having you doing it manually.

AWeber is simply an email marketing platform that makes ecommerce easier and swift.

WooCommerce and AWeber

How to Integrate WooCommerce with AWeber?

There are no professional skills required while integrating these platforms. Just by following a few basic steps, you can go about with it.

Firstly, ensure that you have installed the ‘AWeber Newsletter Subscription.’ Now, on the WordPress dashboard’s sidebar, click on the WooCommerce tab. In that menu, choose the setting option.

At the top left, click on AWeber and then select Authorize. Your AWeber login ID and password will be required to process with the authorization. Once you are done with it, click on “Allow access.”

Now, in the checkout rule space, click on the “add rule” option and the specifics of the product to which you want to set a rule.  Then select the list to which you want the customers to be added.

Lastly, mention the tags you want to remove or add after the product is sold. Also, if you’re going to set a default list, create a different rule and ensure to leave the “products” column blank.

And that is it! Integrating AWeber and WooCommerce is this simple. Once you have successfully finished these steps, you will see a whole new experience of marketing.

Whenever your customers make a purchase, they will automatically get added to the specified mailing list. You can create many different mailing lists based on your requirements.

Technical Support for WooCommerce Plugin

Once you have logged into your WooCommerce page, click on the “Support” tab on the dashboard and choose “help with my extensions.”  Then, from the “I need help with” dropdown box, select AWeber Newsletter Subscription.

Fill in appropriate details on the form and click on submit. Make sure that you have added the details correctly; try to be as specific as possible. The extension developing team will soon get back to you via mail.

Your request will make them know in detail what exactly is the issue you are facing. And with the additional information such as your website, plugin version, etc., the work will get done much more quickly. You can also check our article on does AWeber have landing pages.


So, this was all about WooCommerce and AWeber integrations.  As you saw from the above write-up, it benefits not only you but also your customers in every way possible. 

Your business and your customers deserve nothing but the best, and this small step can make it happen.  I hope this article helped you have a better idea and clear understanding of how this integration works.

It’s just the start that may seem a bit difficult.  But, once you have taken that initial step and see the results, you would have no regrets.

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